We are counting days for our liberation! wohoooo! Like I said in previous posts, my husband's family are finally moving out of our place and settling in their own apartment unit. Finally after almost a year of being crammed in this place we can have our space back. I just hope the rumored 1wk (another extension after having half month extension already) extension isn't true or else me and hubs will be nuts! We badly want to set baby's things already and just have peaceful family time whenever he comes home from work. Hubs has been saying he's been missing his TV time from work just relaxing so what happens is that he turns on the computer and starts working all the way til night time or sometimes plays some games.

It's been a bind for me and hubs all these times since we felt so restricted of many things most especially getting specific items people seeing what we have. Now we can focus more on upgrading here at home from our phone service all the way to the cable service. We can enjoy more having known we have our place for ourselves alone. Speaking of which direct tv offers here in ca is just great with so much direct tv specials really good for avid watchers. They had so much more directv specials during the holidays but it wasn't timely for us to engage into any upgrade or so. But looking at what blogtelevision has to offer, we can still get almost as much directtv specials like what they had for the holidays. Just thinking of our leisure time watching as family makes me feel excited and less stressed.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There is nothing better than the feel of freedom! Congrats..

  2. lina Says:

    Hope all goes well and you get your "freedom" soon. :D

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