Do you participate in any activity to promote saving the environment?

Somehow this has become a global issue, "ways on saving the environment". Many advocates launched several projects and even commercial centers took an extra step on promoting a cleaner and greener environment. I noticed in the blogs of my Malaysian friends that there is a paper bag day there. Here as much as possible when I go to that specific grocery I see to it I use their paper bags for bagging. They have both plastic and paper bag options for their consumers and if ever I use the plastics or happen to get it from other stores, we simply use it for garbage. That is our way of recycling it. Also here they provide bins in the stores where you can just drop there your plastics for recycling. I think it's a good way of promoting little steps that can further help save the environment.

Those are just little things but other countries also have special waste treatments. Some places have industrial facilities like waste management australia and industrial cleaning services melbourne. I believe every country should have such facility so that we can preserve the environment to a better state as years go by for the younger generation.

I honestly get scared with all the news I read regarding our environment. Everything seems to be turning negative and can cause detrimental effects to all of us in the near future. Little things help so let's all try to keep it clean starting to our homes and as we go outside.
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12 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Well....I do bring my own eco bag when shopping. :D

  2. Ayie Says:

    g'morning tekkaus! It's 12:30am here now just sneaking some works and blogging before I retire for the day =)

    we are about to start to bring our eco bags too, hubs is initiating

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yes we do..I recycle, and reused whatever we can.

  4. Pete Says:

    I use recycled bag for my marketing!

  5. Merryn Says:

    I'm starting to use eco bags too.. I'm all into saving the environment.. saving the ocean too :D save the submerryn :D

  6. wenn Says:

    i also bring my own shopping bag.

  7. Superman Says:

    Yup, over here in Sibu declared Monday is a no plastic bag day. All the supermarkets and shops will not give plastic bag to customer on that day. You have to carry your own bag every Monday if you want to shop.

  8. JIF Hub Says:

    @Superman: now that's taking initiative to the next level. Awesome. Imagine if they did this worldwide.

  9. fufu Says:

    yeah i have been bringing my own shopping bag since 2003 in japan :)

  10. Anya Says:

    I use also always recycled bags :)))))

  11. I recycle whatever's usable and i bring my own bags when I go marketing. I conserve water and electricity whenever I could.

  12. [SK] Says:

    we just started to have the "no plastic bag" days here, i hope this will become more frequent, like once a week maybe??

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