Finally I get to cook almost as much as I did before. Since their move I get to nail down a specific schedule for my chores, usually when baby sleeps at night that's when the magic happens. I have been using my new casseroles which we received as wedding gifts. I just need to buy some other pans and cookwares that I don't have yet.

The pans that we got are stainless steel and only now I get to know about ruffoni cookware and I want to get some specialty cookware from ruffoni. I can't believe it's really a copper cookware, did you know there's such thing?

I am not too fancy with my cookware, as long as I can cook even if it's an old casserole or pan I am fine with it. I admit i like teflon pans because of the non-stick, easy to clean and no oil cooking. It can be healthier option.
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8 Responses
  1. Mariuca Says:

    I've been cooking lately too he he...enjoy ur weekend sweetie, so happy the weekend is here.. just wanna chill and do nothing! :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    You are making me hungry. Can you cook some and courier it to me? LOL :D

  3. [SK] Says:

    hehehe, i thot you are 24 hours taking care of the baby and deprived from having time to cook?? haha :p

  4. lina Says:

    Those food really look yummy, Ayie!

  5. Ayie Says:


    how i wish we can just chill too but we're still busy arranging things here in the apartment and still waiting for the carpet cleaners =P

  6. Ayie Says:


    only if i can send it i will =)

    visit us here and you'll taste all those foods =P

  7. Ayie Says:


    yes taking care of baby 24/7 but i also need to be a wife and take care of my big baby =) also mommy has to eat well and healthy for baby

  8. Ayie Says:


    and healthy too!

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