Last weekend I chatted with mom and sis and photoshare some photos of baby Jariel. Mom told me she misses me and she remembered me while they were eating lunch because she cooked one of the dishes I like. I miss mom....and her cooking! ahahaha! She told me when we go back home she'll give me anything I want to eat and when they come here she'll be the one to cook! Wow, mom must be really missing her "baby" so much! Up to now she still calls me baby.

Mom said they will stay here for a month at least so we can more time together and go places. Considering only her and dad are coming they will not very interested in amusement parks and baby's still too young to go there too so we're eyeing on some nice beaches and parks. CAn be Santa Cruz beach where dad can also go fishing and we'll enjoy clam chowder there by the boardwalk, Monterey bay and see aquarium & Sausalito and just go sightseeing and maybe cruising. Those are not too far from here so it's ok. But if they wish to go far like San Diego is a nice place, undoubtedly with all the photos I've seen from Betchai. Or go to LA long beach and hollywood. I just don't know what they will enjoy much to do there.

For sure mom would want to go to the other coast and visit her bestfriend in NJ. If that's so maybe go to NY and see around! Now I'm getting so dreamy! Can also go to SC and check out Myrtle Beach Resort, see what Myrtle Beach Resorts can offer us. I believe Myrtle Beach Accommodations won't be a problem there. There are so many available packages and good rates for Myrtle Beach accomodations. But Florida and Vegas would be great to visit too! I guess I'll just have to see what will happen, I am getting carried away with the vacation thingie I'm actually forgetting I have a small boy right here =P
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3 Responses
  1. [SK] Says:

    well, we are forever "kids" in the eyes of our parents.. :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Agreed with SK, we are always the little apples in their eyes. How I wish my mama still around Ayie. :(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Having dreams are good for our souls, Ayie! I wish I could have a vacation too.

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