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The other day when I was watching shows on our http://www.directstartv.com/localchannels/Texas/T/Thornton/, I noticed how many of them right now about fairy tales. There are two main ones that I can think of off the top of my head. When I first heard about the shows, I thought they were way too similar. I really did not understand how both of them could be on air at the same time if they were so similar. When I finally watched parts of both of them, I realized that they are pretty different. One of them is like a fairy tale version of C.S.I. where werewolves and other characters take part in a crime, thriller type of story line. I have not watched all that much, so I may be wrong on that one, but the other I spent a little more time watching. It is called Once Upon a Time. At first, I really thought it was cheesy. It has two story lines: one is reality and one is the fairy tale life. I kept wondering which was supposed to be real when I watched the show. That is sort of fun in a way. I am always trying to figure out what is real. It is fun to do and more interactive than some shows.
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