When I was a kid I used to climb trees...higher than this but of course as a mommy I will be scared to see him climb on such tree at this age.  He's no longer the cuddly tiny baby, practically half my height already and growing.  He talks a lot too.  It's a shame that up to now I haven't uploaded any post with baby talking and moving around.  Anyway, this shot was taken at Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose.  We love this place and will certainly keep coming back whenever possible.  I'm trying to inch my way back to blogging so this will do for now, just a little update to share to all of our friends and readers.

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2 Responses
  1. wenn Says:

    he'a such a brave little boy!

  2. betchai Says:

    haha, same here ayie, i used to and loved climbing trees, that is a cute picture of baby J, oh, sorry, I still have not given you a call yet, I kept on wandering here :)

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