It is very clear that the future is going to be more green oriented and the demands for greener alternatives will increase as home owners are finding that there are potentially large savings to be had with energy efficient homes. With this in mind, there is no doubt that professions in the energy efficiency business will also increase, and demands for proper certifications of these professionals will also be sought after. There are already a growing number of institutions that offer certification programs and training. One of these institutes is the Building Performance Institute.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) was founded in 1993 and offers bpi training and bpi certification in a variety of professions in the energy efficiency business. Green Training USA offers several courses with BPI Certification Programs that concentrate on bpi building analyst training and bpi building analyst certification. These programs offer courses for BPI Building Analyst Professionals, BPI Building Envelope Specialists, BPI Accredited Contractors and BPI Advanced Whole-House Weatherization Installers! BPI standards are recognized nationally and is increasingly becoming a major player in the energy efficiency business. So get a head start and gt your green training today!
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