This photo was taken last year, the second time J got to play with snow.  We didn't have much rains last year so we were lucky to find some snow pockets by the mountain sides.  Small shaded areas were slightly covered with snow, good enough for a little fun play time.  Perhaps this year will be a lot more different.  It's been raining so probably more snow in the mountains.  I sure hope so because J would definitely be playing there for hours this time around, hes even anticipating sledding.

Our snow trip only happens once a year a little after Christmas.  That's the only time I get to bundle up our little boy and let him enjoy wearing his snow boots.  Occasionally when it rains here around the city we would walk around jumping on puddles with his snow boots or rains boots but of course nothing beats the fun he gets to have playing in the snow. 

Wearing the proper shoes is very important as it can be freezing or soggy wet after a while.  It's also quite hard to walk o thick snow and most especially slippery melting ice.  Definitely you would have to get comfortable boots for women if you were to run and chase after a happy little boy.  To climb those hills and sled, leave marks on snow, or simply to keep your feet warm enough for hours of fun.

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