The cable car is a famous attraction in San Francisco. During our visit last Saturday we decided to take J to ride the "trolley" as he calls it. It was rather a tiring experience because owe had to wait the qeue for 2hrs. It wasn't like that before, there was no long line and was very convenient. If not for our boy we wouldn't be patient enough to wait that long.  Good thing we were able to contain and keep a 3yr old busy during the wait. We didn't know what happened for real but according to the operator/driver, 2 cable cars broke down. There were other speculations amongst the crowd like upcoming strike , etc. 

Well, our little boy enjoyed the ride so much. He was singing songs and smiling from ear to ear. He was totally knocked out going back to the garage as he fell asleep in the trolley right after eating some snacks. Poor boy very hungry and sleepy, lucky us he didn't throw a fit. Had to carry him from the end station all the way to the parking garage in deep sleep. 
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2 Responses
  1. kulasa Says:

    I can imagine your boy enjoying the ride so much...and smiling as I read that part of him grinning from ear to ear and singing songs while riding :)...reminds me of the simplicity of childhood :)

  2. wenn Says:

    that's nice. Must go SF one day!

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