Sisig (hey, this is a perfect beer match!)

Last Wednesday my husband and I had to take a lunch off work to go to San Francisco International Airport for papa's (his dad) arrival. He stayed in Philippines for about 6mos for a visit and finally back here. The flight was on time and no delays with anything so everything went fine. We managed to be back home by 4:00pm so my husband decided to go to the office and do 2 more hours to cover up his time. I was a bit nervous because I was left with papa alone in the house even if I get along well with him. I knew he'd be checking everything at home the moment he steps in and so am I right! It was a total ease on me when he said the house looks good and he's happy to see me. He also noted that it's nice to have a lady in the house. Why? He stayed here with my husband for several years (haha can't leave his big baby!) before I came. I had to stay back in the Philippines for a while. =)

me and my hubs had this meal- pork sisig with tortilla, onions, tomato, cheese & lettuce

Papa was once a chef and he loves the kitchen so much. He really cooks a lot and somehow that gives me some pressure. Not that he's picky but when he doesn't like the food, he'll tell you right then and there. He likes the dishes I made for him back home but this whole "staying here" thought makes me think so much. Haha, am I being too paranoid? Papa's nice but his Latino tastebuds isn't that easy to please (he's from El Salvador). My husband would tell me whenever they go to restaurants he always has something to complain about the food. See, call it pressure!

Since papa's not too fond of sisig, I served him fish sticks instead.

He loved it, good! I knew that he missed tortillas so much that's why I prepared something that can compliment his craving. We didn't have all the ingredients that I wanted to serve (guacamole) but everything worked out pretty well.

This meal is not actually a traditional spanish or mexican dish, it's my personal reinvention of such dish. Had to be a little creative with the ingredients since it's incomplete. I'm happy that he liked the meal. We were so tired from the drive and work (yup, I also worked extra hours when we got home) for me to think and make some dish that needs long time preparing and cooking. This one was way too simple and easy to do. Do you think you'd like this meal or not?
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58 Responses
  1. Hello sweet friend
    Every time that I visit you I find wonderful feelings and interesting story about your day by day life in USA. You have a great talent to write and no doubt you are very creative with food as well! LOL
    I will try it , I hope I can find all ingredients for this meal!
    Congratulations because I see you are now "the princess "for this beautiful kingdom... called home sweet home! ;-)
    God bless you
    Once again I loved your new layout here! I'm following this blog by my google reader!

  2. roentarre Says:

    Seriously delicious looking meals! I really enjoy food exotic like the one you have presented here. Now I am starving even more at work!

  3. Carver Says:

    That looks like delicious food.

  4. Ayie Says:

    Hi Leia, I love it how you fully appreciate my posts. I've been busy the past week so only now I was able to make post and blog hop.

    Try the dish, it's very simple...just bunch of chopping and cutting and there. I know you don't eat red meat, you can use anything that conforms to your taste better.

    Take care dearie! Thanks for all the compliments!

  5. Ayie Says:

    Hi Roentarre, would you like to try those?

    The sisig isn't so fancy, it's a common food in the Philippines. I can only describe it as tasty and quite spicy.

    Thanks, I'll take it as a compliment! ;)

  6. Ayie Says:

    Hi Carver! Thanks! Try making one, even just plain cheese with the tortilla will taste good. Better top it with some bacon!

  7. From what I read, yo uguys now are living in San Francisco? That's far.... for how long?

    It must be a bit stressful when you have to cook for an ex-chef yeah? They tasted better food and they know how to judge food. So has he done that before to your cooking? HEhehe

    The sisig actually looks like "Fried Char Kueh" for us.

  8. lina Says:

    Ayie.... they look so yummy!

  9. betchai Says:

    Ayie, we had similar meal today, we also had some vegetarian burrito ( Betchai's style too ), I had grilled mushrooms, grilled sweet pepper, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, black beans, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, guacamole, cheese, just like in your picture :)

    Oh, I miss sisig, I can have it once a while, but my problem is I do not know how to make sisig :( Did not know it would be good in tortilla too.

  10. ladyviral Says:

    Wow that looks absolutely delicious! Great now I am een more hungry than I was after my breakfast. Yes I had breakfast and still hungry, now hungrier lol. Glad your Papa was a good sport this trip and didn't make you feel uncomfortable at all.

    I don't know what is a sisig I am going to google it :P.

  11. ladyviral Says:

    Just in case ^_^. Bubba Gump is in San Fransisco too. Not sure if it is near you or anything. But here you go.


    They got other locations too. If this isn't near you, can always check for one that is ^_^. Don't have to come all the way to Malaysia for it :P.

  12. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, the food looks good to me.. and i wonder how your Papa can do even better food than yours?? hehehe~~ :p

  13. Tes Says:

    Oh wow Ayie, your sisig looks good! My husband and I love sisig too. The idea to eat it as a Fajita is really good. You also took a good shot of your dishes -makes my mouth water. Yum!

  14. levian Says:

    oh gosh, i am so hungry right now,
    i could help you finish all those! :p
    (time is 4:38pm)
    i had never heard of sisig before,
    but that pork sure looks good! :D

  15. Bengbeng Says:

    No kidding. I found this post interesting. Perhaps it is because the food is so different from what I normally cook.It looks healthy

  16. the food looks tantalizing Ayie. SLURP!

    my dad is a great cook too. it's not easy to please his taste buds.

  17. Ayie Says:

    Willie, yes we're here now in CA but in San Jose area still San Francisco side. My husband's born here but back and forth in the Philippines. He had a bit of hs and college in Phil. and back to US by 2005. I only came here this Jan.

    So far papa liked everything I cooked even the dish that he never had before. He's such a critic but well appreciates something that passes his taste.

    The sisig might be a similar dish to that Fried Char Kueh and will just vary on the taste depending on the ingredients. Phil and M'sia is just neighboring countries, I won't be surprised.

  18. Ayie Says:

    Lina, the sisig is yummy! =)

  19. Ayie Says:

    Betchai, that's a healthy wrap you made. Papa and my hubs will love that. Perhaps it will well compliment with tuna? What do you think? I'll try that too. Thanks!

    I can tell you how to make sisig but it's a lot of work making it from scratch. Are you near any Filipino grocery? They have sisig in cans, it's not as good as the original recipe but you can spice it up a bit more with minced ginger, onions, ground pepper and lime juice since you have that in your garden. Usually those canned meats are salty already so no need for salt. You may add fresh eggf and or mayo for a richer taste. If you want the original recipe, just email me. =)

  20. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, have you googled the sisig already? Thanks for the compliments too. =D

    Papa and I get along well, it just pressured me me the thought that he was the one who always cooks for my hubs all these years. Papa's always in the kitchen before and me being here kind of snatches his throne! hahaha! Good thing he just said that he's tired of cooking coz he's been cooking all his life and thus wants to just be served. whew..

  21. Ayie Says:

    SK, papa has his own specialties and the good thing is that we don't have the same. He's good with Italian and Spanish dishes. Salvadorean cooking sure is good!

  22. Ayie Says:

    Tes, nice to have you here. I checked your blog just now, cool template! I'll see it more later.

    We had it for dinner that's why instead of having it with rice we just had corn tortillas. I bet you make sisig too, do you?

  23. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, thanks for the bubbagump link. We already went where last month it is in San Francisco, Pier 39. It's by the bay...great view. +D

  24. Ayie Says:

    Levian, I hope you didn't over stuff yourself for dinner. =)


    There I googles sisig for you. That's the sizzling version. =)

  25. Ayie Says:

    Bengbeng, thanks! I'm glad that this post interest you.

    Only the pork sisig is the not so healthy part of this meal but having it in small serving is just right.

  26. Ayie Says:

    Ramblings, what did you cook for the birthday boy? haha I'm too curious!

    I'm so touched with your description, wow.

    I bet you cook good just like your dad. =)

  27. Mummy Gwen Says:

    The sisig looks yummy. You mentioned it's spicy right..I like spicy food. Sure it's a lot of pressure cooking for papa huh. But I know you can whip up nice dishes for him coz you are a good cook.

  28. Ayie Says:

    Aww, thanks for the kind words Mummy Gwen. =D

  29. ladyviral Says:


    Glad papa isn't all overly possessive.. else I doubt he would give up the throne.

    Ooh you have went to Bubba Gump already lol. I hope it was my post that made want more of them :P. You need to take the pictures of your trip. By bay, I would love to see that view! In Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia; all we saw are walls of the complex lol.

  30. zakkalife Says:

    I've never heard of sisig before but it sounds good. It looks like good comfort food.

  31. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, that's such a big relief for me. I wouldn't mind though if he wants to cook everyday for his entire stay here. That saves me from cooking! *lol*

    Your post about bubba gump's really tempting. I'll definitely take pictures, that's something to blog about. haha

    Time to sleep here, good morning there!

  32. Ayie Says:

    Kawaii Crafter, sisig is a local Filipino dish and a great comfort food. I really can't describe the taste because it's a mixture of everything. It was featured in No Reservations show when the host visited Phil. He liked it! Yey!

  33. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ayie, ganda is indeed Tagalog..haha. I use it to address my Filipino blogger friends like you, ganda..hehe.

  34. honestly, i'm not a kitchen goddess by any measures. but we had a delightful steamboat dinner at home. nothing fanciful, nothing to shout about. hehehe

    as long as he knows how to eat, that's all that matters. :D

  35. You cooked Mexican dishes!? Teach me! I have grown to like Mexican dishes after eating them a few times at a Mexican restaurant. :)

  36. Congrats! You are the FC of my recent post. :)

  37. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Gwen Ganda, hehe thanks! How do you say it in malay?

  38. Ayie Says:

    Ramblings, even the simplest food can taste so good if you serve it warmly with love. Right?

  39. Ayie Says:

    ECL, I always try cooking different dishes trying to be creative like a kitchen scientist! *lol* Wow, you really want I teach you some recipes? *blush*

    Do you like avocado, tortilla and salads? It's a basic dish...actually appetizer =)

    I was lucky enough to check blogs right when you posted last night (here)...FC! Yey!!! Thanks!

  40. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, I will try the one in the can first :) since I am sure it is only I who will eat it, my hubby is not crazy about pork and meat :) I actually am more into vegetables too, but once a while, I do entertain my Filipino cravings :) Maybe, when I have guests joining me here, then, I will try the original recipe, and will email you about it. Thanks. I will try to look for the sisig in can, I do not think I have ever seen that before, but maybe, I was just not aware then.

  41. levian Says:

    i didn't,
    was too tired n sick that night.
    i ended up eating some n head to bed early.
    i still prefer your version over wiki's,
    yours looked much juicer. :p

  42. Monica Says:

    I would like to try this meal Ayie! :) wow u're so creative..
    now I feel hungry :D

  43. Ayie Says:

    Betchai, ok let me know and share me your own recipe innovations there.

    I suggest you use fish or chicken meat so your husband can also enjoy and try your sisig. I thought of making use of tofu yesterday while I was replying to all the comments, I think that will be good because it's healthy sisig. Can you imagine it?

  44. Ayie Says:

    Ahahaha Levian, what can I say? Thanks for your juicy compliments! ;P

  45. Ayie Says:

    Hi Monica, thanks! I don't know if there's a similar dish in Malaysia, I hope you can find one so you can try it. Pls let me know if you find one =)

  46. foongpc Says:

    Can you pls cook this dish and courier to me in Malaysia? Haha!

  47. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ayie, "ganda" in Malay is "cantik"..hehe

  48. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Gwen, I think i like the sound of ganda better! haha

  49. Ayie Says:

    Foong, they are quite strict with food deliveries instead can you just fly here so I can cook it for you? haha, I bet you'd rather cook it yourself! =P

  50. betchai Says:

    tofu sisig? hmmm, now you are making me think :) you have such creative mind in terms of food.

  51. Ayie Says:

    Betchai, did you try making tofu sisig the whole weekend? I'm really trying that recipe when I have the ingredients. =)

    Btw, all the avocado talk we had made me crave for avocados last friday. I drove my way to the grocery to get avocados! hahaha

  52. levian Says:

    you ain't gonna make me hungry this time!
    (the time 2:07pm)
    but ..
    really can't help wondering how it will taste like. :p

  53. Ayie Says:

    Aha, you ate a lot for lunch Levian!

    you can try making this dish too, make use of the fish sticks so it's easy. Just imagine eating a soft taco. ;D

  54. fufu Says:

    he is one typical man ya... i mean your papa =p anyway we all have different tongues, it's always hard to cater everyone... but you are a good cook i would say =p

  55. levian Says:

    you purposely made me imagine having the food in my mouth. XD

  56. Ayie Says:

    Hehehe, thanks for that Fufu. Papa's very hard to please with food but I'm really thankful he's loving all the dishes I serve so far. What a relief!

  57. Ayie Says:

    Oh my Levian, you really can't resist food no? =)

  58. Ayie Says:

    Fufu,re what you said about everybody has different tongues, certainly true. I think when you cook with love and sincerity...it will come out good.

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