We're thankful to have a good number of projects for the first half of this year. We're actually lucky despite the rocky economy our business has been improving and getting a lot more stable. Our business licenses are about to expire soon but we already handled the necessary payments for the renewal. Since we're really after doing things right and legitimate, we make sure that we secure permits and pay taxes.

It's hard to compete with the market out there considering we are just small player compared to those other big business establishments. Just like them we also need to work on ways to boost our exposure through advertisements. Giving away some promotional items is a great way to advertise but of course such items cost more than usual prints and leaflets. These items are ideally given to our valued clients as a means of thanking them for seeking our services.
I really like the key tags with logo from Branders, it's very unique and best of all affordable. I prefer to get things which are useful, the least that I want is to have bunch of things of no use and will just end up being a clutter. It doesn't need to be pricey to have something useful to give just be practical with the choices and I think that's pretty much it. I actually like the items from Branders.com under $1, simple things but worth giving. Who wouldn't want to have some reusable shopping bags, spare pens, notepads or keychains than a piece of paper which is usually thrown away after looking through it. All these things are under a dollar and for small business like ours it's indeed budget friendly.

Any suggestions for small promotional items that you think is worth keeping? I certainly would appreciate your suggestions =)

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3 Responses
  1. ladyviral Says:

    get a thermal mug. i think that is waaaay more useful :p.

    What does the keychain do other than keep your keys together?

  2. Ayie Says:

    Nice suggestion....well the keychain works for me coz I got a lot of keys! ALso I love the fact that it can carry so many photos too!

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