Fall has arrived and it's starting to get breezier and cooler outdoors.  You can notice the leaves starting to change colors and some even falling off from the trees already.  The streets will be once again full of fallen leaves in no time, kids will be having fun jumping over stacks of leaves as if it's a pool of water.

Speaking of pools, it is advisable to keep the pools covered during this season.  Pools might be the perfect place to dump all the fallen leaves though this can pose a great hazard to kids.  This doesn't apply to ground pools alone but also above ground pools which are not collapsible or can not be stowed away.  

Leaves unlike water isn't clear and if by any chance of accident a kid falls into a pool full of leaves, you have less chances of noticing or seeing the kid instantly.  Installing above ground pool covers and ground pool covers can minimize such hazard to curious and playful kids.  Though this kind of incident might not be very common to all, having the right precaution can be a good practice.  Nobody knows when an accident can occur and it's not worth the trouble and risk.

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  1. I've never seen fall before. hehe.

  2. Abel Says:

    I'm going to come back more often to read more posts. You most definitely have made this blog into something that's eye opening and important.
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