Finding the right size for big and tall people can be quite frustrating sometimes.  Not all brands and stores carry special sized to fit people who are more gifted with height and body.  It's almost better to go straight to specialty stores where they have the exact sizes you're looking for than go through all the trouble searching all over the stores.

King Size, the big and tall experts has a wide selection of clothing for the big guys.  This specialty retailer caters clothing for men who are 6'2" or taller weighing at least 225lbs.  Tall sizes start from Large (L) to 7XL while big sizes are Extra Large XL-10XL.  King Size sure has a wide range of sizes for men who are on the heavier side, something ordinary stores don't usually have.

To complete the apparel, KS also has shoes up to size 18.  Of course who better can provide a complete wardrobe than the one which specializes for such size.  May it be casual clothing, swim wear, activewear, jeans, shirts, sleepwear, coats or sportswear, you can find it all in King Size.  Feel free to request for a catalog or simply check the site to view their online catalog to get started with your shopping.

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  1. I have problem finding the right shoes because my feet are quite wide.

  2. With the good food and nutritient in our Asian meals, our kids are getting bigger in size and cannot fit our Asian sizes anymore. lol

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