There are many different kinds of mailboxes, all vary in styles and sizes.  Though technically speaking, a mailbox is a compartment or a case where incoming mail deliveries are placed.  Post box on the other hand is for outgoing postal deliveries.

Mails played a big role in people's lives most especially during the earlier years when technology wasn't that advanced yet.  It served as a means of communication whether local domestic or international.  t used to take weeks before a mail gets delivered until further improvements in the courier systems were introduced like express mails.  

There isn't much evolution of styles with classic mailboxes, in fact some people even prefer to have a classic style mailbox to add some old charm to their home.  Keystone mailboxes are still highly in demand in the market for free standing type mailbox which can be elegantly placed more adjacent to the sidewalk.  

It is very important to secure the incoming mails to a specific box and not letting it be just thrown down to the porch or doorstep.  Gaines Mailboxes has a huge selection of different style mailboxes which can suit your needs.  Take advantage of the free shipping on their products and if in any case you are not satisfied with your purchase, an easy 30 day no hassle return day policy shall be granted to  provide utmost customer satisfaction.

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