Our little boy was dressed as a tiger for this Halloween.  Last year daddy wanted him to be Darth Vader but this time around it's my turn to choose.  We were torn with a cute orange triceratops costume at first but after seeing how nice the tiger costume was, that became the winning costume.

This year we missed going to the mall to go trick or treating because baby slept through the whole afternoon so we ended up just doing the trunk or treat in Bethel Church.  I think baby missed so much this year because we also almost missed the downtown event.  He fussed and cried so much that day when we were supposed to leave, even when daddy came home he didn't stop crying.  We waited until he's calm enough and tried catching up with the event.

Last year we got so much treats but not this time around.  It's okay though because we really don't eat the chocolates and candies much, we were just after baby experiencing the fun of getting some treats together with other kids in costume.  He absolutely loved taking a candy from the baskets and putting it in his bag.  For sure next year he will be more eager to participate in Halloween festivities.
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  1. foongpc Says:

    Cute tiger costume! : D

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