Moving to London can be quite an adventure and doing things right can mean all the difference between a good and bad move. There are many little things to make your move work out better, such as knowing the difference between England and the U.K. You do not want to offend people when you're there. Or more importantly, making sure you have all the proper paper work in place such us the proper visas, and if you have pets, make sure they complete the necessary quarantine requirements ahead of time. And the most critical, making sure you have a place to stay!

Getting a place, whether renting or buying a home or staying a hotel is crucial to your move. Fortunately there are sites like apartment-hotels.com to help guide you in your search for London Apartments. Get personal assistance that allows you to choose from potential London Apartments that will fit your needs. You may be planning a short stay or long stay and sometimes there may be different offers tailored to your plans. These are things to be considered in you search. Some other tips include asking the landlords the right questions like which utility bills are included? And if the gas appliances have an approved British Gas seal on them. You also need to look out for the health of yourself and your family so these questions should be asked. Good luck!
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