Falling Water is among the great architecture of all time by the master Frank Lloyd Wright.  This will be one of our travel stop once we start going and exploring more places.  Imagine a house built on natural scape with water running and all the trees surrounding it.

I once painted that same photo above during my college years and gave it as a gift to someone dear to me.  I wonder if they kept it hanging on their wall because if not, I wouldn't mind having it back.  hahaha

Me and hubs had the pleasure of replicating the model of this house, using Lego.  It's not ours but his officemate's.  It was given by their boss as a birthday present since the guy is a big fan of this architecture.  Being a fan doesn't mean you'd be willing to submit yourself doing lego building so the job of "constructing" it went to hubs.  Actually, I was the builder and he was the material sorter and supplier, as well as control supervisor.  We carefully followed every step and he would check every procedures done.  Finally after few hours of building, we accomplished the task.  We have built our very first Fallingwater.  Hubs plan to make a time lapse video as we documented every step from scratch.  I will definitely post it once it's done.
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