Whenever I think of Japanese foods I think of cute stuff. Won't you agree on that?  Bento for instance, arranged and served in a lunch box with much presentation.  Definitely kawaii!  The photo above is a small snack for kids given by our Japanese friend.  It's a cheese flavored sea creature crackers, very simple snack but so cute.

There you can see a squid, starfish, jellyfish, whale, crab, turtle, and other fishes plus an anchor.  The snack is hollow inside, so it gives you that crackling sound as you bite through.  Imagine the joy of a little kid munching on cute sea creatures as a tasty treat.

Another cute Japanese food thingy is the egg molds.  My little loves his hard boiled eggs molded into shapes.  So far we only have star and heart shapes, it would be nice to add some cool car shapes too.  Using this is easy, simply boil the eggs as usual then right when it's done and still hot you must peel it and put in the mold.  Don't make a mistake of putting it there after cooling it down, it will just mess the egg and you'll end up having a mess.  The trick is to run the newly boiled egg in cold water just enough for you to handle and peel it. 

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3 Responses
  1. 煒霖 Says:

    This is so cute!!! That's why I like Japanese food!!! =]

  2. The egg molds are cool! I will try to look for them in Singapore. Agree with you that Japanese food stuff are cute.

  3. kulasa Says:

    oh my those molded eggs look so cute!!! I bet my kids would love eating star shaped eggs! I would too! :)

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