My boy and I would often go for a walk around the neighborhood, carrying along our camera we would take photos of beautiful flowers along the way.  It's very nice to walk around with him because we get to be out and do a little exercise together.  I get to teach him road safety during our walks.  He's doing really good when it comes to stopping before nearing the crosswalks and staying on the sidewalk.  He was so terrible with that when he was younger, would often run off here and there.

Back to the lovely tulips, we took this photo near the library by the Ainsley Museum.  Every Spring the whole garden is planted with lovely flowers,  I love this photo because the tulips stand out with its vibrant colors against the green background.  Of course it's not photo perfect given our "playtime" camera but I love it.  J gave me a hand taking this photo or should I say I gave him a hand as he's starting to be intrigued holding the camera and taking the shots himself. 
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