There are many things that you can do to stay safe this summer but one of the most important safety measures you can take is to remember that even while you are out having fun in the sun there are also lurkers out there who are scoping out your home to see when the best time is to rob it. Not to rain on your parade for the summer festivities, but these people do exist and in order to prevent them from coming to your door or window and climbing right through to rob you blind it is important to have your home security alarm. I got mine from atlanta adt security systems.

Having a security alarm installed does not take very much time out of your busy summer schedule at all and can usually be done in a morning or afternoon. It is only one day out of your summer schedule so it should not be a terribly difficult appointment to schedule. This will only take a few hours and it will save you the worry of leaving your house unattended while you are gone for long weekends visiting family and at your friends beach house in July for the fourth of July BBQ party.

Guest Post by Marshall Stuarts

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3 Responses
  1. rainfield61 Says:

    These are good tips, and at least my house is armed.

  2. [SK] Says:

    my house is by the main road there'll be somebody at home most of the time, so it's rather safe for us.. :)

  3. prevention is always better than cure.

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