I grew up just like any other kid playing outside with kids, running around the neighborhood, enjoying a bath in the rain and most importantly going to school and meeting new friends there. I can proudly say my childhood was great and I'm very thankful to my parents for that. They gave me all the chance in the world to enjoy being a kid.

I have many fond memories in school and can still clearly remember the good times. I can say that I am fortunate enough to be sent to private schools. My parents really worked hard for all of us. My life may not be how it is now if I never went schooling. Being exposed to many people back then helped so much in my social development. I don't think I'll have the same say if I did homeschooling instead of being enrolled to a regular school.

I am not against homeschooling or what they refer to as K-12 here but personally speaking, I prefer to send my kid to a regular school where he can have classmates and get the opportunity to be more exposed than being confined at home. I think you'll grow more when you get to experience more things. Maybe that kind of schooling can work for other people but not for me.

K-12 was derived from shortening Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. It's an online system wherein a student undergoes schooling through online lessons. Sounds fun but it's also not as easy as it sounds. Discipline is very important with this kind of thing. But believe it or not, many people are doing this kind of schooling. Well it's not that impossible considering everything can be done online now. Take for instance if you are taking Algebra 1 or Algebra 2, getting Algebra 1 help and Algebra 1 answers can be through the aid of online tutoring. A student gets to be taught one on one by a highly trained professional. Same thing goes for Algebra 2 help and Algebra 2 answers. This I think is the edge of homeschooling, the convenience of learning and doing things right under your roof.

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6 Responses
  1. Carver Says:

    I think it depends on the children and parents but I'm glad that my daughter went to school outside the home. I don't think home schooling would have been good for her although I do understand it works for some families.

  2. Ayie Says:


    yes it really depends on somebody else's needs and lifestyle

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think homeschooling depends on the commitment and disciplines from both parents and children. It would not work for me, but I have seen it works for others.

  4. Diane AZ Says:

    My children have experienced public school, private school and homeschool. Each has pros and cons. In my area, homeschooling is very popular and there are many social groups and opportunities.

  5. Homeschooling is still new to Malaysia. i think nothing can replace the fun times you have with your friends in school and participating in various sports clubs as well as getting into different exposure in one’s academic life.

  6. [SK] Says:

    yeah, i agree, children should be sent to school where they can mix around with peers for a more healthy life..

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