Nope I didn't grow wings nor get flying license, I just finished the final part of my paperworks which is the biometrics this noon time. The immigrations services already got my fingerprints and picture taken plus I have a receipt notice which states my clearance to travel. We can finally nail down our flight back home for a visit.

Aside from the biometrics appointment earlier we also drove to places to do things. After the immigration thing we passed by a car dealer just to browse around and see if they still have the Kia Sportage model. There's a new Kia dealer along the way going to our next destination so we decided to just check. We were told about a free Kia oil change once you puchase a unit. Also we accomplished the boxes and baby's picture with Santa before heading back home to prepare for the office Christmas dinner potluck. I will just blog about the dinner later on and the Santa thing.

Such a busy day and very tiring, I am actually starting to fall asleep while typing this =P Me and hubs are just so happy to finally get things straightened out with the travel clearance. We will soon get our tickets and have the vacation we've been wanting to take!!!! Anyway I better stow away my laptop and sleep with baby now, I can make use of some good rest after a long tiring day. I can't wait til tomorrow to write about this good news even if I'm practically falling asleep typing! *lol*
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8 Responses
  1. Reanaclaire Says:

    Have a good rest during this weekend!

  2. rainfield61 Says:

    It sounds like a party time is waiting for you.

  3. lina Says:

    When are you plannig to travel back home?

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Yay! Vacation for hubs, little J and you. :D

  5. Anya Says:

    My orders :
    go sleep
    you need it
    and your baby also

    Wow!! Vacation
    I need it also !!!
    ENJOY :))

  6. seems like things have been quite hectic for you. hope you have a restful weekend. don't work too hard Ayie.

  7. betchai Says:

    oh wow, congratulations Ayie. wishing you a wonderful and merry Christmas.

  8. [SK] Says:

    wow congratulations, great to hear that everything is now in place.. so where are you planning to go for holidays??

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