Whenever me and my bestfriend talk we always review and lay out plans for our possible future business, bes and I always wanted to establish our own business and we had several ideas which kind should we have in time At first we thought of making pouches and bags, all personalized but we were too busy with our schooling that time and it's quite impossible to produce the items we want to market. Later on that idea had to be thrown away because a company happened to market the same business idea we had during our college years. That company became successful. We wondered if we'll be on that position if we ever pushed through with the business, maybe yes?

We gave it a shot with a little side business after college. If you remember I blogged about our chocolate business and it was a success. We only managed to be on business during the holidays because we were both working that time with very hectic schedules. Aside from our busy work schedules I had to deal with the restaurant/cafeteria business mom franchised too. I had to help with some marketing ideas like flyers, banners and restaurant website design. There were times when I had to entertain students asking for information about the dishes that were being served, if I remember it right it was Persian cuisine. I believe it's not very common and I honestly don't understand why mom went for it despite our disapproval when she asked us.

The food business didn't last so long unfortunately due to politics. There was a point when sales were reaching its peak but the other small concessions started to feel alarmed and appealed to the admin to restrict us from selling certain items and dishes. That took a toll on the business and in the long run put it down, mom had to close it down before she lose more if the operations prolong. It was bad politics and we could've been very successful with it if we didn't mind what the admin had to say though it's hard to work and operate when you know people will try to hinder your growth and success.

There are times when you have to keep going and keep fighting for what you believe but sometimes you have to weigh the possibilities and consequences and see if you will gain or lose in the end. It's not bad to back off when needed it much bigger things are at stake. This move won't mean defeat and instead will serve as a lesson for you to be stronger and wiser in making decisions and choices in life.

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4 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Ups and downs in life makes us who we are now, right Ayie!

    If you believe in something, fight for it! :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Politics are everywhere. Haih...but that's life right now. Life has its rise and fall right? Always do the right thing and we will not be sorry for ourselves. :p

  3. Pete Says:

    Happy 2011 New Year to you and your family!

  4. levian Says:

    i agree,
    certain lessons that we have in life helps us grow.
    those experiences definitely mean something
    if we really look at it n aim to learn something from it.
    don't worry, the chocolate business will only be a start.
    there are plenty more chances coming your way!
    n by then, you'll know what to look out for. :)
    a Happy New Year to you n your family, ayie!
    n wishing you all the happiness in the world!

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