Blogging for money is the common trend today, some people look at blogging as a means of income. That wasn't my case when I decided to start blogging. The long distance relationship wasn't easy and hubs started blogging to keep him occupied and later on asked me to do the same thing too. I think we matured enough through the years leaving behind the age of war days when we disagree on things so I decided to support him since he's getting much into it so we can share something together. Later on he found out he can earn through advertising and tried implementing it in the blogs. Of course it's not like what others earn but that opened his eyes with the potential blogs can do.

When I moved here in US I found blogging as my friend, I get to express myself and rant when I want to. Then it opened my door to meeting friends here and later on discovered how I can earn from it. Some blogger friends introduced me to advertisers and very timely because the economy here isn't doing so good and work on hubs' end kind of slowed down. He doesn't get to complete his full hours therefore cutting off quite a chunk of his pay. Architecture isn't an easy job so I had to find other means of income too, projects come and go and not all has much works to do. As you all know we were blessed with a baby boy and having a family addition can be heavy in the budget. Blogging helps me sustain baby stuffs and some other minor things here at home. I don't earn like those pro bloggers out there but we're already very thankful for everything.

I can say that blogging can be considered as a full time job for those who devote 100% to it. For some it may just be purely passion and for others it's both. No matter whether it's for money or not it takes a great amount of effort to maintain a good running blog. Tweeting, facebooking or sneaking boxhead 2 and gaming can be pretty tight when you don't have so much time to spare. Serious blogging surely can use up all your time though I am not on that level, I am still very much grounded and can still do some other things.

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  1. [SK] Says:

    yeah, i really admire professional bloggers who earns a good living from just blogging.. as for myself, of course it's just a pure passion - i don't even earn more than $10 from my blog~~ :(

  2. Blogging to make money is nothing new these days. i blog for pure pleasure and being able to meet a lot of new friends have been so much fun for me. and thanks for being my cyber friend Ayie. i appreciate your time and feedback.

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