The other night we watched Peter Pan just to relax before workweek starts again. Just one of those nights when we want to spend time with baby and also watch something from our collection. Though baby's still too young to watch and understand anything about Peter Pan, he enjoyed seeing the big dog Nana. I wonder if he would like to have one too in time, I hope not because that will be double work for mommy. =P

I can understand if baby will ask for a pet in time, me and my siblings grew up having pets around like cats, birds, fishes, bunny and dogs. Sounds like a mini petting zoo? Go figure, we had all of those pets before. Actually they still have pets back home and Elisse is the one enjoying it. According to mom all our Dachshunds died already and only one left that's why my grandma got Elisse another dog in which I don't know what breed.

I am not totally against having a pet dog in time but we can only have it when we get our own place. They don't allow pets here in the apartment compound so even if we wish to have one, cannot be. The only way we can have pets right now is virtual just like what SIL has. She's got one of those Labradoodles games in Nintendo DS where she can have as much virtual Labradoodle dogs to take care of. Funny that even with the game alone she complains at times that it's like taking care of a real dog having to take them for walks, feeding them, playing with them and cleaning them up. Pardon me but I honestly forgot what the game's called I just refer to it as Labradoodle, sounds cute eh. =P

I guess no matter what any pet will require some care and attention may it be real or virtual. I believe we shouldn't have one if we are not willing to take full responsibility of taking care of it.

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2 Responses
  1. fufu Says:

    get a house first! lol

  2. wenn Says:

    they definitely need loving care..

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