I'm really tired today, haven't really been getting much sleep since I have to wake up earlier like 6am this week to prepare breakfast and hubs lunch box. I haven't been taking naps too because I try to make full use of the time baby's napping to fit in some works, cooking and cleaning. Of course once baby wakes up it's another story. We play, play, play and play more plus mommy carries him when he gets tired and fussy already. Can't complain, it's fun even if it's tiring. I love being with my baby all the time too.

I just got reminded of this song so I searched for it. Although the lyrics don't fit exactly what I mean to say but the thought is there. Just so little time and so much to do. I'm actually yawning consecutively while composing this post but not time for mommy ayie to sleep yet. There are things to do right after finishing this post. Sometimes I wish there's auto-pilot for all my other stuffs to do just like the auto-pilot marketing system for online things. And I think I'm done with this post for now, my eyes are starting to shut.

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5 Responses
  1. Try to enjoy these moments.... it will pass and then you will miss it. haha.... I'm longing to have a baby to take care.

  2. [SK] Says:

    haha, but i guess that's all worth it to spend the time with your family and loved ones right?? :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It all shall pass, Ayie..Pretty soon he will be old enough to go to preschool, and you'll be left wondering where did the time goes!

  4. lina Says:

    Try and take it easy, though like everyone mentioned here, this time is precious and will fly. You will miss the hectic and havoc of having a baby pretty soon. :D

  5. glad you appreciate spending quality time with your baby. children are gifts from God. *sweet dreams every night.*

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