It's doesn't snow here in CA and we're quite thankful for that. We'd love to have some fun and play with snow but not for a prolonged period of time. No snow doesn't mean it's always warm and nice here, it gets freezing cold once the sun retires for the day.

Baby had few jackets but he's almost outgrowing all and those are good for spring and summer use only. I have to prepare him for the chilly winter days so I made a little shopping and got him some cute warm clothes. I took the opportunity to make use of my CC again to keep it active, that way I can improve my credit score and have better chances of getting approved for another major CC. I want to make it a sure shot when I get my free credit score it will be really clean and good so no reason or whatsoever to reject any application.

I ordered everything online so waiting for the delivery was the exciting part. Finally the packaged arrived but only to see the shoes sized 6-12mos are tad bit small for baby. I couldn't even put it on as it's very exact. Also the cute stripped full suit fits just right, I had to return it together with the shoes for size change. I think it's better to have some allowance since babies grow tooooo fast!

I love shopping for baby but I try to be careful with the spending or else I might get too excited seeing all those cute baby clothes and buy it all. That would be trouble! Baby has more than enough clothes and even has new clothes still kept, it would be very impractical.

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10 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Getting ready for winter can sure be a costly affair though. :)

  2. rainfield61 Says:

    It is so good that I never need to get ready for this.

  3. mimi Says:

    so nice to have another season to look up to unlike here in malaysia..almost like summer all year around hahaha

  4. winter can be harsh but it's beautiful. wish we have mild winter days to enjoy.

  5. fufu Says:

    hohoho so cute :) but well, heard it's gonna be cold this year...take care :) all the best

  6. levian Says:

    unlike last year, you will need another set for the baby!
    i agree, it's fun doing the shopping
    but at the same time being careful is essential.
    but i'm sure you'll do well since already bearing it in mind.

  7. Tekkaus Says:

    No way. These are so cute. :D I wanna get them to for my little Jordan. I heart the first one. :)

  8. [SK] Says:

    yeah, very true you have to smart spending as baby really grow fast.. but i like the grey-white stripes, very cute, haha!!

  9. foongpc Says:

    I want to see your baby in these apparels!

  10. Anya Says:

    So lovely all ....
    I missed alot
    Many hugs for the little sweet baby :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=

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