It's been well announced here about our plans of buying our very own house, if you are thinking we finally have it sad to say not yet. We're still on the planning stage but more or less we have a more definite timeline when we're really eyeing on acquiring one. We're really very eager to take the leap on this big commitment.

I have been checking out the neighborhood and so far so many houses and condos here are for sale. Unfortunately we're not yet ready and also the prices in this specific neighborhood is quite higher than other areas. It will require more savings and longer time to pay off the house if we push on getting it here.

Not only that we're financially unprepared yet but also lacking knowledge about mortgages for first time buyers. I need to study more about mortgage rates to better understand the deals of buying a house and loans. We will definitely need to loan for the purchase and knowing the ins and outs of first time buyer mortgages can be beneficial on our part. I just hope the market will still be good for us to buy our house in time.

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6 Responses
  1. hope you'll be able to find the best mortgage rates soon.

  2. lina Says:

    Hope you'll find your dream home soon. :)

  3. rainfield61 Says:

    Hope to see your new "baby".

  4. Elaine Yim Says:

    Consider and compare the legal fees, processing fees, stamp duty and any hidden costs. Also remember to buy mortgage insurance.

  5. fufu Says:

    haha yeah getting a home is a must once you have decided where to settle down :)

  6. Take your time to look around... it's a huge purchase. :)

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