I pulled another all-nighter yesterday to finish and submit a revision which was given in a very short notice. At first I didn't want to work on it due to their delay with the revision plan and I didn't feel like it's just for me to rush the work to be submitted. I had a change of heart and decided to work and submit the renders, it's better to just do it and get it done.

I haven't asked for their permission if I can post any images I worked on for the project so I can't really share it here just yet. The house isn't really very modern in design but the interior can make use of good modern touch like the fireplace, making use of stainless steel fireplace accessories can make a difference. The stainless steel mailbox and blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories will definitely compliment that house.

I'm glad that I was able to finish and submit everything, the feedback was great. They love the renders! I had more peace of mind knowing I've done my part so I took the chance to take a nap with baby earlier this morning. That felt good since I just had 30mins of eyeshut, by the time I was ready to sleep then baby woke up. He nursed from 5am on and off til 6am only giving me quite some time before I prepared breakfast and packed lunch for hubs. Tough night right?
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  1. RNSANE Says:

    It is really hard to work, with a small baby. I remember, forty years ago, when my oldest was a baby, from about six weeks, he very conveniently nursed about 10PM and would sleep through the night, till about 5AM. Consequently, I went back to my nursing position on the night shift. My husband, an Air Force Lt., would almost always be home nights so it worked out well. I'd leave a bottle of breast milk and, he'd give it to Shawn if he woke crying before I got home at 7:30AM. The only downside was desperately needing some daytime sleep which didn't happen much as Shawn's naps grew shorter. Ed would usually be home by 5:30, once we lived on base and, after dinner, I'd sleep for a few hours. At least, I only worked four nights a week or I'd never have seen my husband!

  2. [SK] Says:

    wow, that means you have not slept at all?? hmmm, similar here, sometimes when things are rush we even have to stay up all night and work normal hours the next day..

  3. foongpc Says:

    That must be really tough on you. Hope you get a good rest after that!

  4. levian Says:

    sounds like you use a lot of stainless steel design
    to make the house look fancy this time.
    hopefully we will get to see it!

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