I still get to pamper my big baby with such treats despite having our little baby around. Of course big daddy has to be taken cared of too so I make sure I serve him great homecooked meals and occasional desserts too! This super fudgy brownie with ricotta cream cheese and almonds topping surely melted daddy's heart! You might think this is too sweet for you, I'd say it's not. I like to bake and make our own desserts than buy from store because we don't like it so sweet. We do indulge with such treats but we make sure it's diet friendly too.

It's been a while since I visited you all, hopefully I'll get to have some "me and blog time" this thanksgiving holidays.
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18 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Ooo... sure looks yummy!

  2. rainfield61 Says:

    Oh no!!!

    How can I link a used pamper with the brownie!!

  3. Pete Says:

    I love these sweet stuff!

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    So brown...can I have some? :p Well...I did just last week. Baskin Robbin's ice cream.

  5. suituapui Says:

    Looks really yummy - so moist, so lovely. Wish I could make - always doomed to fail right from the start as I just cannot follow recipes - tend to hop, step and jump! Men, eh? LOL!!!

  6. Ice Says:

    They look fudgy and rich indeed! I have not attempted fudge before.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Ayie Says:


    same here I don't follow recipes and even alters it according to my liking =P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It looks scrumptious, Ayie..

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ayie!

  9. HeLLo Ayie.

    How's your day? The food looks delicious to me. I hope your hubby loves it so much. And of course, a good wife cooks well for her husband right?

    Like you, i love eating cakes but i prefer it to be less sweet. With my age now, my taste bud has changed. I dislike sweet stuff. I prefer less sugar.

    Anyway, have a nice day Ayie and thanks for dropping by my blog.

  10. Carver Says:

    That looks delicious. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Hmmm yummmy!!!!
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  12. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Ayie ganda, looks really yummy. You are a good cook. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jariel and Your Hubs.

  13. Ohhhh that looks delicious. Thanks, now I'm drooling at almost 3am LOL! :)

  14. Bengbeng Says:

    at this rate big 'baby' will soon bcome bigger 'baby' :)

  15. Diane AZ Says:

    Looks delicious and chocolaty, great picture!

  16. Elaine Yim Says:

    You are a good wife and mother. Happy thanksgiving!

  17. betchai Says:

    Ayie, you made me hungry, belated happy thanksgiving, sorry I am not able to reply to your text, we were in Utah yesterday and most places we were at had no cell phone signal, when I got your text, too late to be on thanksgiving time :(

  18. that looks tantalizing. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

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