Bath time might not be a happy time for some kids but not for my little boy. I never had problems bathing him since he was born, just some "not in the mood for bath" time which is very much understandable. Whenever I'm caught with a fussy mood in the middle of bath I simply play with him, do anything funny and silly and splash water to relieve the mood. Can you see the smile and the way his feet play with the water? Mommy sings "take a bath, take a bath, take a bath" and he's all jolly.

There were times when me and baby bathe together without his baby tub, wasn't easy because he has more space to move around and not as safe of course. Those were the days when I feel like making some changes to his routine bath so he could experience something else. Sometimes I even carry him during bath to enjoy some shower, had to do it that way since we don't have handheld shower heads and only have the typical bathroom overhead shower heads.

Sharing such intimate bonding time with baby like this is a must for me. I also urge daddy to do the same thing but he's not yet ready to bathe baby on his own, perhaps that will be when baby shouldn't be bathing with mommy anymore =P Only if we have a bigger tub with low pressure shower heads for a nice spa feel which can fit all of us then it will truly be a fun and splashy bath time!
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2 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Baby Jariel certainlylooks like he's having a splashing wet time in his tub there! :)

  2. levian Says:

    that is one rare attitude to be found on babies!
    good thing he loves shower more than the rest of us,
    i sometimes still had to drag myself into the bathroom.

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