You might be wondering why I'm missing in action again and haven't been blogging for the past weeks. Packing and preparing for our Manila flight really took my time plus all of baby J's pre-birthday celebration definitely kept my hands tight. Just for a quick update from yours truly, we already bid adieu to San Francisco last January 31st, 9:15pm.

Mom and dad picked us up in the airport and finally baby J met the other grandparents. It was surprising to see how he comfortably went to dad and mom without fussing. Right now we're about 1 1/2 wk away from our trip back to US. Time sure flies by and as if our vacation never happened. Anyway time for mommy to sleep, we'll have a very busy day tomorrow.

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12 Responses
  1. Ice Says:

    Gone back to Manila for good or for holidays?

  2. betchai Says:

    hope you are enjoying your vacation Ayie.

  3. lina Says:

    Enjoy your vacation Ayie! Was Jariel a good boy during the flight? :)

  4. Anya Says:

    Have a sahe flight
    and ENJOY......

    Hugs to all Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  5. mimi Says:

    yeay..finally u r home...even its for a while but i bet u had a blast! Good for jariel to get to know the other side of his family..have fun!

  6. levian Says:

    when will you be back to the US?
    do have a great time reuniting with your family!

  7. ayie Says:

    To all! We're all enjoying our 3wk vacation here and only 1 more week left and we'll be flying back to US. Baby was really good during the flight with just few fussing here and there. He's very comfortable with everybody here as if he's seen them before.

  8. Diane AZ Says:

    Hi Ayie, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time visiting family. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. I wish you have a wonderful and fantastic visit with the family, Ayie!

  10. How lovely to be back home! I'm sure your family had a fantastic time!

  11. home sweet home. have fun in Manila.

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