This winter as really brought along a lot of snow with it this year. While it's been a little bit of a burden for my husband Mark and I, its brought a lot of joy to my son MattÉ I am sure glad he can get so much happiness out of it, at least! The snow has allowed Matt and his little friends to spend a lot of time together outside. They stay out there in the cold for hours enjoying themselves. I'm really glad Matt has the social time. Just the other day Mark brought him and two of his friends sledding at big hill at a local park I don't think they could have had more of a blast if they tried!

All the recent weathering hasn't helped our roofing situation. When things clear, I think we are going to go back to homeproimprovement.com and find some local help for the roof. It's funny that I'm not at the stage of life where snow becomes a lot of work. However, I'm so glad that Matt gets to enjoy it while he's at this age. I know he'll look back fondly on these times!

Guest post written by Wanda Nelson

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  1. Mariuca Says:

    I love snow even though cold weather triggers off my sinus problem and I sneeze for hours! :(

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