Our stay in Manila helped us relax and unwind it's like a total body and mind rejuvenation for us. Not only that, it also helped us make up our mind with our car decision. Since we were told here that SUV is a gas guzzler we kind of inclined to buying a caravan instead. We're also after the 3rd row seat a caravan offers but after driving around and seeing the Toyota Fortuner mom and dad bought we're more positive getting SUV.

Too bad that US don't have the same Toyota model but as I searched for it's counterpart here I'm definite that hubs would love that car too. Don't think it's the looks alone that made us want that car, hubs and I actually had the chance to drive around Manila with it. The bulk looks intimidating at first but cruising around feels like you're just driving a regular sized car. It's very light and easy the maneuver.

At least we narrowed down our choices and hopefully we can get ours next month. We just need to do more research for other similar type and definitely we'll steer away from those luxury models like VW Golf, Lexus IS-C, Lamborghini, VW New Beetle Convertible, etc. Those models aren't really our cup of tea anyway.

We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that we'll have things as planned. We originally intended to buy a car once we come back from our Philippines trip. We're kind of excited with the car purchase because after that we'll focus on getting our house next. Looks like this will be a very busy year for us =)
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