We're up early on a Saturday to bring mom to work and then pass by the hardware to get the materials needed. We're so lucky that dad got everything settled in the hardware and we even got discounts because of him. We had to head back home though to change car and haul all dad's equipment and tools.

I went with them even if I can't really be much of a help since I had to take care of baby. Just a little sweeping here and there, that's the most that I could do that time and also dealing with the pump and tank installer. Dad, hubs and uncle on the other hand were so busy trying to finish as much job as possible. They were even stalled because the materials had to be delivered at home around lunch time and we had to go back for that and also eat. Since my work's done there already me and baby stayed home and just let the guys go back to continue working.

After a whole day's work hubs got a bit sick. He was pretty much exhausted doing so much labor that day. We had to make him rest good so he can be good for baby's birthday celebration on Sunday. Seems like work follows us wherever we go. Who would've thought our vacation will require so much other things here and there? Well we had no choice, things had to be done and we wanted to accomplish things within the first week of our vacation so we can enjoy the rest of the 2wks to come.

Thanks Dad & Kuya Glenn so much for all the help!
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7 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    A pretty busy day, by the looks of it. :)

  2. suituapui Says:

    Life in advanced western countries - must DIY, labour too expensive. Here, we just call somebody to do the job...

  3. Pete Says:

    Wow, lots of hard work done....hope your hubby recover soon

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Hopefully your hubs get well soon yeah. :D

  5. [SK] Says:

    wow, everyone seems to be busy and exhausted.. hope your hubby is feeling well now.. :)

  6. levian Says:

    it would be impossible to not be tired
    after one whole day of labour.
    especially when it is one we are not used to.
    hope your hubs is feeling well now. :)

  7. hope your hubby gets plenty of rest and is feeling better now.

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