Remember my post about deciding on getting an Acura or Honda Pilot? Oh well we've come down on a decision just a week after that post. We happened to like the Pilot better so we ended up finalizing the deal in Autometrics, a car dealership in El Cerrito. Of course we checked out Honda dealers and other places but none beat the offer Autometrics gave. There's one which has lower offer but it's a Honda dealer in Chicago. For us El Cerrito is quite far already so there's no way we're going to Chicago or any other places farther Bay Area.'

I made a call on a Saturday and made an appointment to see the car on Sunday. After inspecting and the test drive me and hubs nailed our decision to purchase the car that same Sunday. It comes with certain warranty which is a plus factor with our purchase. The Honda Pilot EX 2003 (SUV) is a 4WD, automatic transmission, V6 engine and best of all 8 seater! We had to leave the car for a week to have the paperworks done first and the check to clear before driving it home. After a week even if it was a stormy Saturday me, hubs and baby picked up our car and convoyed home.

Baby J really loves the car because he was so happy and comfortably playing inside when we checked out the car. While he was enjoying playing, I was happily snapping photos of him. He's outgrown even our small Datsun 200SX since his car seat needed an upgrade too. Baby's using the 2nd stage car seat now and we already hooked it in our Pilot.

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8 Responses
  1. rainfield61 Says:

    It is a beautiful one.

    I love it.

  2. lina Says:

    Cool car, Ayie. :)

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Aww.....7 seater? I would love to buy one too. :D Congrates.

  4. [SK] Says:

    nice car, and i see there's plenty of space for baby jariel to move around..

  5. wenn Says:

    wow, very spacious!

  6. levian Says:

    i think your big guy is also very fond of the new car.
    congratulation! :)

  7. Mariuca Says:

    OMG! Baby J is so cute and so big and his outfit matches your new car, love it all! :D

  8. Mariuca Says:

    I love ur new car too it looks huge!

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