Having a little chance to relax the day after we arrived in Manila was a big thing for us already. For baby it's a total new experience seeing other kids and interacting with them. We're also very happy to see bes, if not for her effort going there at home we wouldn't be seeing each other until the coming Sunday. It's already our third day and it was a very hectic day for us.

Our first week's almost nearing baby's birthday celebration and hubs was getting worried about the work that has to be done in his parents' place. We haven't contacted any workers for the job because we needed much detailed picture of the things to be done before dad gets to find a person to do it. Good thing hubs too several photos of the scope of work and he was able to show dad. After getting some instructions from dad we started canvassing for construction materials and the water pump system, luckily I found a tank and pump supplier willing to send a person to survey the site and do the estimate that same day I called. Again we hurried out to accompany that guy and settle the order so that they could install it the following day.

That Friday was a busy day for us and our poor little boy had to be dragged along. Good thing we were able to bring him at least to SM Valenzuela after all the commute here and there. It's a must for us to make sure our digital camera battery is always charged, carry some spare and bring with us both digi cam and video cam to capture each and every moment of our vacation whether it's work or leisure. See what we get to capture, our little boy's already driving! Baby had fun there with those kiddie rides, it was his first time and he loved it! At least we were able to do something fun for our little one, he was so tired already the minute we're home he was ready to sleep. Pobresito, he didn't get to play with ate Elisse anymore that's why Elisse was complaining they don't get to play much because baby always takes his nap and sleeps early! I can't blame her because she doesn't need to take multiple naps like baby J.
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5 Responses
  1. wenn Says:

    wow, it must be fun!

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I am sure little J enjoyed his ride aye. :D

  3. lina Says:

    Poor Elisse. She wanted some play time with you guys.

  4. [SK] Says:

    well, i guess baby jariel was still having fun despite all the commuting?? :)

  5. glad to see baby had fun there with those kiddie rides. my little princess would love to join him too.

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