I mentioned in my previous post we filed our taxes for 2010 early this March. Thanks to Milu who patiently worked on our tax papers and discussed with us thoroughly how the system works. We'll have more knowledge of our tax filing for 2011 with more detailed tax deductibles which we missed to add for our 2010. It's our second time dealing with Milu for the taxes since hubs used to do it with her father who already retired and turned over the business to her. Although there are options to do taxes anywhere near where we live or even online, we still like the personal touch of Milu's Tax.

Milu's Tax has been serving the bay area for the past years under Eduardo Maggin who also partially worked on my immigration papers. I did have the chance to meet him when we filed taxes last 2009, the last year of his service. Unlike Milu's Tax which has been up and about all these years doesn't need any advertising anymore compared to our home business is still a baby which needs much care and attention. We were advised to do some advertising to help boost and broadcast our services.

Milu told us that if we used any advertising campaign or even print business cards it can be a deductible for the taxes. Good thing that she made it clear so if we decide to get an advertising agency to do the necessary advertisements for our business it's something we can take out from the tax. We can start looking into advertising platforms offered online and check out what That! Company has to offer. Getting professionals to do our advertising and marketing deals can be beneficial for us and our business' growth.

That! Company has strategic and direct online ad campaigns for the consumers in every industry to attract the customers every business needs. That! has a team of highly skilled advertising specialists who work on creating mixed media marketing experience by combining old and new media, this way advertising can keep up the with current advertising norms. That! doesn't only work on advertising promotions, it also offers public relations, media buying, search optimization and event promotions. Rest assured That! will do the hard work to keep the business advertisement rolling.

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  1. [SK] Says:

    i've also filed my income tax last week, and OMG, i've to pay quite a huge amount.. i miss my money.. :(

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