Can rain stop a little boy from enjoying a day out?  I guess not, at least for our boy.  You can judge from the photo that he's absolutely enjoying the rainy day.  Normally it would be a fight just to make him wear a jacket but when it comes to some splashing on puddles, he would be so eager to dress up and go.  

This is just one of those rainy days when we had to do some errands and go out in the rain.  It was just a light shower and the temperature was not freezing cold.  At first he was loving the walk without umbrella and I was the one holding it running after him.  It was just a pain to do that so luckily I wore my waterproof jacket and let him have the umbrella himself.  At first there was much complains and rejection but after having the hang of holding it, he was actually happily singing and hopping on puddles. 

I love having this kind of moment with my little boy, nothing fancy just plain old fun.  At least he'll grow up remembering he once played in the rain and wasn't just locked at home looking out the window.  We have to enjoy every moment, we can't stop the rain from falling, just like how I can't stop my boy from growing so fast....
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4 Responses
  1. 煒霖 Says:

    He's so cute!!! =]

  2. wenn Says:

    it's good to let them enjoy when they are still young.

  3. Ayie Says:

    小影: Thanks!

    wenn: I used to run in the rain when I was a kid... of course in the Phils not freezing cold as here :)

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    He is growing up real fast. He is very handsome now. :D

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