One thing that hubs didn't want us to miss is to see where he has grown.  To revisit the place where he spent much of his childhood.  What's this place called?  It's Alameda, an island city in San Francisco Bay. This island community has a small town with beautiful Victorian charm vibe, gives you that nostalgic feeling when you walk through and stroll around.  

I've been to this place twice and I wouldn't coming back for more.  Hubs would check out those spots where they used to play before and show it to our boy.  There's Crab Cove Museum but we haven't had the chance to visit that place.  Having our little boy, the beach is pretty much enough for us to spend most of our time.  Making sand castle with moat surely keeps us busy there.

Last time we went there our boy was so happy making footprints on the sand.  It's so nice to see him commune with nature that way, feeling his bare feet on the sand and getting dirty just like any normal kid.  We ran, dig some canals and chase sea gulls.... made some memories, that's what we did.

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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah~I love to bring my babies to the place that I grow up too. :D

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