It's not my birthday but this post has been way too long overdue.  I haven't really been blogging for the longest time due to work and mommy duties but for some reason I want to write about this special birthday present I received last year.  Indeed it's very special for me, my bestfriend sent this on my special day!  She's there in the Philippines and I'm here in US, still she managed to do something very special for me.  

I am not going into details anymore how she sent me this yummy red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake, all I want to express here is how I felt that time when I saw a huge box right infront my door.  I felt so loved and missed when I saw that present just when we came from our regular day out routine.  Hurriedly brought it in and opened with eagerness, not knowing who gave it.  Finally the surprised was unveiled, I got a cake full of love from my best-EST dear friend.  Of course it would have been nicer if it was her standing there waiting for me but that's too much to ask.  

Was it the cake or the present which made me feel so happy?  Well of course that made me happy but most importantly, the thought that came with it.  Across the miles my dear Che has pulled a big surprise for me.  I miss you bes...

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4 Responses
  1. 煒霖 Says:

    Wow, what a sweet present, and Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! =]

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow...a present from far, far away? How thoughtful. :)

  3. Ayie Says:

    小影: It was Aug last year but thanks still :)

    Tekkaus: Isn't that so sweet?

  4. cheketeng Says:

    well look at that. i never imagined it would look this yummy. haha. miss you much bes! mwah! mwah!

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