Of course having my baby born doesn't mean I have forgotten about my cutie niece Elisse. I feel so bad for this girl because she's been missing me. Always asking mom if I'm coming back home now that baby's born. I told mom to tell her when baby's bigger already and we're likely to fly back home to visit but Elisse kept asking mom if baby JARIEL (yes that's our little angel's name) is big now and if we are set to go home already. It breaks my heart with her saying she misses me so much and wants to see me now. My poor little Elisse! Yes she is just my niece but as you all know, I have taken care of her just like my own kid. That's how close we came to be before I left for US.

Here are some updated photos of our dear Elisse, when they went to Bohol for family outing. I remember the nice white beaches there, I felt bad when I saw all the photos they have and I wasn't there. I also feel like relaxing now being dreamy going to Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. I know baby's too small and young to be so much in the outdoors that's why we're both confined here at home and only go out when we have doctor appointments or when daddy's around. No Myrtle Beach Resorts for now but we'll definitely bring him over and enjoy beach resorts Myrtle Beach in time. We're just wondering if in any case will he get along with Elisse or both will be having some "jealousy" issues over mommy. I think I'll handle the situation when the time comes but for now I'll enjoy every second with my little boy =)

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18 Responses
  1. iamthewitch Says:

    Ah Jariel, what a nice name! Looking forward to more pics of dear Jariel soon! :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Hahaha :D She is so cute. Just look at how she pose. :p

  3. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, you have to tell Elisse to be patient, because later she will have a handsome cousin to play with soon~~ :)

  4. lina Says:

    I agree with SK. Cute Elisse will have handsome Jariel to meet up soon.
    Wait patiently Elisse! :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Jariel is a nice name, Ayie, and missing family is dreadful when we are so far away from them. Take care of yourself and your baby boy for now..

  6. Merryn Says:

    OMG.. look at that 'killer' post.. she's so cute! lol..

  7. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Aww...I know how you feel. Hang in there Elisse. Baby Jariel is coming!! How are you doing Ayie?

  8. J.H Says:

    that's amazingly beautiful, is that Bohol beach as you said? I should visit there sometimes then.
    I always thought Elisse is your daughther, but hey... congrats for the new addition in your family :-) I am looking forward for more updates from you!

  9. JIF Hub Says:


    more pics next time =)

  10. JIF Hub Says:


    can she be a covergirl you think so? hehe

  11. JIF Hub Says:


    she just made mom call me earlier this morning and mom said she's crying telling her she misses me.... so heartbreaking

  12. JIF Hub Says:


    i can sense trouble with the cousin meeting... the girl so eager to see me and misses aunt so much and the boy being possessive of mommy =P

  13. JIF Hub Says:


    we're happy that everybody seems to like his name! yes trying to recover fast, I have my 2 babies to take care of now (hubs and baby)

  14. JIF Hub Says:


    good thing she's a cutie or else that pose won't look too cute on her! lol

  15. JIF Hub Says:

    mummy sexy,

    I am doing better...few more pains sometimes but I'm a lot better. Thanks!! I can't wait to be with my family again.

  16. JIF Hub Says:


    I know you mistook Elisse as my daughter with my previous posts, well she's practically like my very own too. Bohol island is a great place but there are great places there in the Philippines aside from Bohol. Just email me if you want some vacation places to check there. Thanks!

  17. Mariuca Says:

    Baby Jariel is truly blessed to have so many ppl love and care for him. Just see the many pressies he got at ur shower! Hugs for Jariel! :)

  18. Mariuca Says:

    I hope u will get to visit cutie ELisse soon as well, can she come over to u guys for a visit? That would be awesome right?? :):)

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