Remember my box package for my family? It finally arrived but this post is not really about the box itself but the poor service we got from the cargo forwarder that we tried, we will never send any box package with them again!

What happened? We sent the package after new year and it should come within 30days more or less. That's the usual shipping time for ocean freight cargo. We tried this Alas Cargo as suggested by a friend who's been using it for such a long time already. So far all their packages come on time and they never experienced troubles with them. The box was impressive, looks so sturdy and heavy duty also the strapping is very well done. We were convinced to try it and so we bought a box from them. After filling up the box we brought it to the nearest branch for shipping but it was already a turn off. Why? It's just a concession within a water refiling station and run by a Chinese lady who wasn't helpful enough and not too "pleasant" with clients. No choice but to leave the box there because we decided not to go to the other branch as it would require longer driving time and we were set to buy baby furniture that day. No time to waste.

Last week or two, I received a call from a lady (Philippines office for Alas Cargo) saying the package has been delivered to my place last Feb. 9. I was like damned with what she said and very doubtful since I received an offline message from my sister saying the package hasn't arrived yet before that call. What the hell was that? Later I got to confirm that they haven't received it and the cargo personnel lied to me! For us first impressions last and they gave us such bad as in very bad impression with their delay and more so with their lie! We could've appreciated it better if they told me they are delayed with the cargo and it will take some time for it to be delivered. Honesty! But what they did was to cover up and tell a lie! Bad, very bad for business. I spent big doing all long distance calls to verify about the box and even if I asked them to call me instead, nothing! So disappointing.

It's not the package that came so late but also the Christmas card I sent to my bestfriend. I can't believe that she got it from her mailbox almost end of January. She texted me that day and told me my Christmas card is too late for the holidays but too early for Valentine's. I thought it was just lost among the mailboxes in her condo since she just moved in there. I think MIL also had a delayed or misplaced parcel for her sister, instead of having the parcel placed in the mail boxes it was left there by the shed or garage. Call it lousy mail service systems for the holidays when people expect more important things from their loved ones. Too late, everything just came too late! (but still thankful it all came)

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13 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    A bad expeience for you indeed. :(
    I would've been turned off with such a bad service too.

  2. ladyviral Says:

    Omg that took long! I remember last time I was waiting for a parcel to arrive to me in which a friend sent to me from US. What happened to it? No idea! and then *poof* 6 months later... I received it... and the date stamp on the parcel was 6months ago... Lost mail? No... it arrived... misplaced mail? Maybe? Careless postal services? I think so!

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Goodness. Sometimes this do happen. :( Some of them...are just plain lazy you know.

  4. Sidney Says:

    It is difficult to trust those guys... the people involved in such "Balikbayan boxes" are not really professionals...

  5. We love Luna Says:

    Oh gosh, it's really a problem.
    So sorry for this bad experience.
    But as you said at least the package arrived there.
    Thanks for your always kind comments,
    Happiness to you and your beautiful family

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wow...that took a long time to send a package and snail mail..How disappointing and worrying you must have felt..

  7. Anya Says:

    I hope all is well with your beautiful baby :-)
    Send you Love & hugs for the little boy
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  8. Bengbeng Says:

    so sorry to hear of yr poor mail service. would prefer pics n post abt baby though :)

  9. Is it expensive to send the parcel from USA to the Philippines? It costs a lot to send a parcel to the US from Singapore. And my parcel didn't arrive and I had to send a second time. ish.

  10. [SK] Says:

    i always have problem with this when my friend is sending me packages from overseas.. but not as worse as yours, mine took me the most two weeks.. :p

  11. fufu Says:

    yeah... not only philippines >< i still havent got the postcards i sent from italy and turkey back to 2007 >< wasted my money and effort!! "well always send myself a postcard when i travel to a country"

  12. Superman Says:

    Really bad to have these type of service. Ban them and no more using them next time. Spread their bad services and let more people know so that people will not get into trouble.

  13. Ayie Says:

    Thanks everybody! I really want people to be aware of this forwarder service so they can avoid it too.

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