Since my previous blog was about our little chocolate business, I think I better introduce my bestfriend who's the other person behind those creations.

...4th yr college 2002...

Do you believe in opposites attract? I guess that applies to me and my bestfriend. We're quite opposite with many things so we end up always joking that we'll never fight over a guy because we're opposites. We've been together for many years, I think 15. Can you tell how much we matured all those years? Forget about the weight gain, I think it comes with age! =P

...salon days 2005...

She's the witness to all my stuffs like relationships, school, family, etc... In fact she's considered as family already at home and same thing goes for me in her place. We're both trusted by our families and welcome to join family activities.

...my birthday celeb 2006...

This is the first time we ever separated this far. We're both missing the sleepovers now, she comes over usually when stressed and just want to spend some time with me. If not we meet somewhere and just hang out. We're not the typical girlfriends who would chat all night and giggle over boys, that's not our cup of tea. When we spend time together, our favorite activity would be "food trip" and spa (this one I'll blog about next time). We eat crazy like we won't eat anymore tomorrow. Hahaha, turn off? We're both simple girls, easy to please but not with foods. We might be your worse food critic! hehehehe! Nah, we love the kitchen and grew up with delicious meals. Can you blame us for being such a critic? But we're not picky, we eat most foods just make sure it's delicious. =)

I miss you bes!

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44 Responses
  1. Carver Says:

    Great shots of you and your friend.

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! 15 years is a long time. I'm sure you are missing her right now. Time flies. Now all of you are adults. I'm sure you miss her a lot too right? I miss my best pal too but life goes on.

    But the good thing is the advancement in technology has really make communication easier and cheaper. So fret not. You can still hear voice. :D

  3. Ayie Says:

    Hi Carver, thank you. Those are aged photos already. *lol*

  4. Ayie Says:

    Hi Tekkaus, oh yeas I miss her. She feels the same way too but we do exchange emails from time to time. I have to thank technology for that. Time indeed flies so fast so who knows maybe we'll even see each other soon. That's a wishful thinking =)

  5. lina Says:

    You guys look so cute together. The photo in 2002 was your 4th year in college? Both of you look like you just finish primary school! LOL

  6. Having such a good friend for a long time is a great thing, isn't it?
    God bless you!

  7. Tekkaus Says:

    yeah! Gotta thank a lot of people. Hehe :D

    Anyway I agree with you that opposites attract. Because that's one happened to me and my wife.

  8. levian Says:

    it was such a long time for you girls to be together!
    that is such a lovely friendship we longed to have.
    the college photograph was adorable! :D

  9. Nice to have a best friend though.

  10. Nortehanon Says:

    Wow, 15 years! That's a very long time. It is such a blessing to have a real friend. I wish you both more years of wonderful friendship.

    Now this made me miss my best friend.

  11. ladyviral Says:

    15 years of being best friends is good and for you both to keep in touch through emails is even better! My best friends and I barely email each other. Guess everyone gets way too busy sometimes. So they emails is really really rare haha. I love the pictures of you both. Look so stunning! Thank you for sharing with us the partner in crime :P.

  12. wow, that's a special bond you share with your best friend with this great, loving friendship.

  13. Mariuca Says:

    Hmmmmmm, which one is you yeah???

  14. Mariuca Says:

    I love all the pics sweetie, what a great friendship! My BFF and I have known each other since we were 13 and we're still in touch. :)

  15. Bengbeng Says:

    both of u look lovely. serious.

  16. Ayie Says:

    Lina, I'll take that as a compliment! *lol* That's really during 4th yr, her last and me 5yr course. How I wish we still have such young looks. =)

  17. Ayie Says:

    Hi Cezar, where's Leia and Luna?

    It's a treasure to have a very dear friend. Thank you!

  18. Ayie Says:

    Tekkaus, so you and your wifey are opposites too? Hmmm, better blog about her one time =)

  19. Ayie Says:

    Levian, you also like the college photo? Hmm, we do look young there =) Good thing I have a scan file in my hd coz the hard copy is back home. Yes it's a long time already and still counting!

  20. Ayie Says:

    Willie, I totally agree with you. =)

  21. Ayie Says:

    Northehanon, welcome here! Hello fellow pinay =) Thank you very much for the warm wishes. How about you, have you been in touch with your bestie lately?

  22. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, oh yes she's my partner in crime! hahaha! I love her like a sis and she's really special. Thanks for the compliments =)

    We're both busy these days but somehow we manage to keep in touch from time to time. She also checks on me if I'm ok here, that's why. +)

  23. Ayie Says:

    Hi Ramblings, very true...everything you said!

  24. Ayie Says:

    Almost same as us...we met @ 12 (1st yr high)

    I'm the one with the nerdy specs =)

    Thanks so much sweetie!

  25. Ayie Says:

    Bengbeng, how can I contest...you put there serious. =) Thanks so much!

  26. Ayie Says:

    Guys and girls, thanks for all your sweet comments!

    Have a pleasant wednesday evening to all!

  27. Ice Says:

    Amazingly you guys always appearred on the same side in the photos :o) The one on the left always appearred on the left and so did the one on the right side.

    I love girly chit chat with best friend. I miss that too. That was too long ago. My best friend moved to Canada when we were 14. Though still keep in touch. I still mail her things including my soaps *haha!

  28. Ayie Says:

    I noticed that too Ai, hehe. I'm the smaller one =P

    Emails can do a lot in keeping in touch with people. So you send her your soaps? That's nice =)

  29. levian Says:

    in the college photograph,
    you looked like one of my closer cousin.
    younger than me, she used to love to hang around me.
    i still remember the good old times when i looked at your smile. :D

  30. Ayie Says:

    Really Levian? Wow, that's nice of you to say. We have the same smile? See that photo, the reason why I was like hiding behind her...I'm wearing my uniform =)

  31. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Both of you didn't change much. Maganda! I envy you coz I don't have a BFF. :( Since becoming a SAHM..it's not easy to connect with friends anymore.

  32. Ayie Says:

    Mummy sexy, you think so? hehe, thanks =)

    So you rarely see your friends nowadays? Even if you're a SAHM, you should still have some time or go our once in a while to see friends =)

  33. lina Says:

    that was a compliment. People would fork out a fortune to have young faces. :D I wish I do too... Yoou know, I've always get mistaken as Zaini's older sister. Crap! LOL

  34. lina Says:

    It's Friday! Wohoo!!!

  35. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Really you ladies didn't change much. ;) Hehe..guess I've become an introvert ever since becoming a SAHM. :P

  36. Mummy Gwen Says:

    One more thing to add. You actually look better now. More mature looking and still look sweet. :)

  37. levian Says:

    the photograph looked like it was taken in a studio, was it?
    yup, you share the same smile with my cousin.
    n some of the shyness too. ;)

  38. Ayie Says:

    Lina, oh that's crap yeah! lol

    I missed the friday excitement....i was sick =(

  39. Ayie Says:

    Awww, thank you mummy sexy...that's sweet of you to say. *blush* Maybe the look sweet part, most people won't agree coz they say I somehow look like a snob. hehe

  40. Ayie Says:

    The first photo was from a studio...we headed there after my class. I'm hiding my uniform that's why I was behind here =) my polo has a patch hehe

  41. levian Says:

    oh, that was quite rush for a studio photograph taking session!
    it must have been fun. :D
    am glad you know that you are feeling much better now, do take care.
    am very glad to have you back! :)

  42. Ayie Says:

    Thanks so much Levian, so sweet!

    I don't usually bring extra clothes for change that's why I was using my uniform. No extra detours after school =)

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