I set foot on this foreign land on winter time. The bite of winter chill lingers on the skin and tingles in the spine. Everything's new that time. The row of trees whose leaves have fallen, not a pretty sight. Finally after a month spring has come.

The whole neighborhood started changing and thus made it more inviting for warm afternoon walks. Who wants to get stuck in the house all day? Well definitely not me. I took the initiative to explore this new neighborhood together with my trusty camera. I wandered and walked all throughout the area enjoying all the great new things worth discovering. Some views of the neighborhood truly captivated me so I started clicking away, snapping shots of everything I came across which I find interesting.

Pretty isn't it? Who can resist such a beautiful tree in full bloom? The cherry trees all over the area started blooming with small lovely pink flowers. This of course is not as lovely as Japan's Sakura which is in grander scale. Imagine walking through an entire street of Cherry trees in full bloom! This is actually one reason why i want to visit Japan during spring time. I want to witness the Sakura Festival and enjoy the traditional Hanami. Although Philippines also has Cherry trees, it's not so common to see it everywhere.

Everything comes to an end, same thing with the cherry blossom. After few weeks in bloom it started falling and deep red / maroon leaves started growing. I can tell that I enjoyed the Sakura season here. As much as I wish for the flowers to stay there a little longer, it's inevitable since nature has its own course.

I still had my luck one sunny afternoon when I saw this lonesome flower by the cherry tree's trunk. (that's really rare!) I tried my best to get a good shot but the flower was too high and it's hard to keep my hands steady as I stretched upward. I might not be so lucky with the shot but I guess my luck was more of spotting this tiny flower, the last of the cherry blossom. =) What do you think?

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41 Responses

  1. lina Says:

    I love cherry blossoms. The flowers in your photos are lovely.

  2. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Wow...absolutely beautiful!! Aiks...you didn't focus on the tiny flower but you are indeed lucky to have spotted the tiny flower, ganda! :P

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Really beautiful o! :D All the flowers are very gorgeous. The white pinkish colour is very attractive. :D The first photo is the one I love the most.

  4. They are so beautiful and sweet! I have yet to see a real cherry blossom. Looking forward to Sakura festival in Japan!

  5. The sights of cherry blossom are really awesome. That tree brings that beauty to the home and adds even more brilliance with sparkling pink.

  6. Good morning Ayie and happy weekend dear!

  7. I think it's outstanding!!! Fabulous tree and wonderful shots!
    Thanks for sharing and be always happy sweetie!
    God bless you

    purrs and love Luna(from Brazil)

  8. JIF Hub Says:

    I love the pictures, its weird how sometimes still photos can have much more meaning than actually seeing it in person. "sometimes" though.

  9. ladyviral Says:

    Oh the cherry blossoms look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! It made me smile looking at it. So sweet and gorgeous! <3

  10. levian Says:

    cherry blossoms, are they the same as sakura?
    i love the closeup shots!
    though focused on the tree trunk, it still pretty much revealed the rare spot
    for a flower to grow. :D

  11. Mariuca Says:

    Hi Ayie! I have a cool tag for u sweetie, come and get it!


  12. Mariuca Says:

    I love the pics Ayie, hubby went to Tokyo few years back without me and cherry blossom was everywhere so he took some cool pics too!

  13. Ayie Says:

    Hi everybody! I've been sick for the past days and still recovering, thanks so much for all your comments. Will check out everything you wrote here and bloghop again hopefully later this week. For now I just want to thank you guys for dropping by here. =) I'll see oyu around =D

  14. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, so sorry to hear you are sick, hope you feel better soon. I love your cherry blossoms pictures. We may have passed your area on our way home from Redwood and Oregon.

  15. Oh my goodness. So pretty!

  16. Ayie Says:

    Hi guys, I'm back! =)

  17. Ayie Says:

    Lina, you're always an early bird congrats! =)

    You always go to Japan right? Do you have sakura photos too? =) I love it too...so lovely

  18. Ayie Says:

    Mummy sexy,nope...didn't purposely look for the tiny flower but I was really lucky to spot it there. I looked up the tree coz I heard a squirrel and thought of snapping some photos but I found a lovely bloom instead. Thanks

  19. Ayie Says:

    Tekkaus, so you like the pink tree? hehe

    It's such a beautiful view everytime i walk and pass by all the cherry blossoms.

  20. Ayie Says:

    ECL, you'll be in Japan for the sakura festival next year? That would be cool! It's very pretty, you'll love the blooms =)

  21. Ayie Says:

    Ramblings, thanks for the weekend wishes. It was a sick and tiring weekend for me. Aside from having colds, had to accompany hubs to office for OT on Sat and Sun til 3am. Hope you had a good weekend though.

    I agree with what you said. It brightened up the lawn and gave a good sparkling contrast to the houses. The baby pink color really glistens woth the kiss of the sun.

  22. Ayie Says:

    Leia, thanks dear. Do you have cherry blossoms there too? It's cold in Brazil so I think cherry trees can grow good there.

  23. Ayie Says:

    jifdc, some things are better seen on photos and vice versa. Maybe it's the time we devote to look at those things. Sometimes in person we see things just as a regular sight because we don't get to see the tiny details.

  24. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, you love it? Aww, it's nice to know the photos made you smile. Ypu are very much welcome =) and I'm very much pleased that you like it.

  25. Ayie Says:

    Levian, yup...same. You can check the links there (all the highlighted words) which has wiki description. Good thing the trees aren't that tall, I managed to get some close up shots. It's usually very windy so that makes it harder to get a good capture with the constant swaying. =)

  26. Ayie Says:

    Mariuca, thanks for the tag sweetie. I already have it in my saved drafts...will work on it soon. =)

    You missed the sakura in Japan? You should've went with him. But at least he brought you lots of photos. Hope I can see those too =)

  27. Ayie Says:

    Betchai, yes you passed our area. How I wish you could've stopped over here though there's nothing much to see here. I'm feeling a lot better now but still recovering. thanks for checking and the compliments =) Btw, how was your trip?

  28. Ayie Says:

    Willie, i said the same thing when I saw it up close =)

  29. levian Says:

    with your descriptions,
    i can imagine the weather to be pretty comfortable at your place. :)
    the swaying of the trees reminded me of the constant movements of an animal.
    they seemed to be moving as much as each other. :D

  30. betchai Says:

    HI Ayie, our trip went fine, the weather cooperated :) thankfully, we did not get any rain. Yes, we could have stopped if we passed by your place, and finish your cheesecake :) well, maybe next time.

  31. Ayie Says:

    That's nice to hear Betchai at least the trip wasn't ruined by uncertain weather. If you told me you'll stop by then we could've had some cheesecake =) yes, there's always next time =P

  32. Ayie Says:

    Levian, not that comfortable my dear. If it's cold, it's freezing and when it's hot it's burning hot. That's why I take chance when the weather is tolerable.

  33. Carver Says:

    Those are beautiful shots of the cherry tree blossoms.

  34. Ayie Says:

    Thank you Carver, the cherry blossoms are very pretty.

  35. Bengbeng Says:

    oh, so this is what a cherry blossom looks like. i imagine when the wind blows the flowers will blow off the tree like confetti. it would b lovely to photograph

  36. Ayie Says:

    Yes bengbeng it will be a lovely confetti if photographed shedding petals. I don't have a very good dslr to capture such thing so I'm happy with the still =) haha!

  37. levian Says:

    freezing n burning hot?
    i started to imagine desert's weather now. :p
    you do have seasons there if i was not mistaken?

  38. Ayie Says:

    We have 4 seasons but no snow in our area. Weather's just a little bit extreme in our area but I'm ok with it. It's summer here now and usually so hot but it's been so cold since yesterday. =)

  39. levian Says:

    ah, could the extreme change in the weather be the cause of your sickness?
    we have the "seasonal flu" every now n then here,
    all caused by the weather. =)

  40. Ayie Says:

    It's the weather and some other factors. My immune system is a bit low lately for not having well rested. Seasonal flu is very high here too, most of the time it's cold to think it's summer.

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