Did you enjoy the first part of our trip? For those who missed the first part of this story (One fine day) you may see it here.

...how many starfishes can you see?...

We had our snacks while just sitting and watching everything around. It's almost sunset and time to eat dinner. We scouted the diners and restaurants and found some place to get our meals. Sharing a serving of Fried Calamari with fries and Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl nearly completed our little sidetrip. You must be thinking why I said "nearly"? The day's not over yet and there's one more thing which will best conclude the day.

...we enjoyed the meal, delicious!...

After our nice dinner treat we decided to start walking back to the shore then we spotted this classic beauty. I hurriedly snapped some photos while nobody's walking around to block my view and it was a success! Nice body, don't you think so?

As we looked farther out to the waters we saw all the people kayaking despite the cool breeze. We were thinking it must be freezing out there, I hope nobody caught colds after that. I was getting more and more excited walking back the shore because we plan to see sunset from there. My non-stop clicking somehow stalled us, I would stop walking without notice once I see anything interesting for me to shoot.

...we had a great view of the entire shore from the boardwalk...

...Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Amusement Park...

...love this shot! my lighting was diffused by the sun's glare...

...seagulls scavenging by the shore...

After a long walk we finally set foot on the cold sand of the shore. The time will be just right for sunset for us to reach the far end to the amusement park. Who would've thought our lazy Sunday could turn into a very fun and leisurely side trip at the beach? This is the time when I love my husband being so spontaneous with things since I'm very much of a planner. Some people were still having fun with their kids playing on the sand, making wood structures and flying kites. The pirate ship kite didn't escape my lenses. It was hard focusing on the shot due to the strong gust of wind and that kid running with the kite. A blogger friend once posted kites in her blog and told her I'll share the one I captured in time. Here it is now Mei (haha, it's not as artistic as your shots!).

...certified flying ship!...

Never thought the shore was that long, too long for a leisure walk. =) Finally the walk's over and the sun was setting brightly on the clear blue sky. The sunset was not as spectacular as I thought it would be but the shadows and the darkness that covered that entire side made it picture perfect for my festive eyes.

Time for us to go home, we were able to relax and enjoy some quality time together. We passed by a group of people going out and one lady exclaimed "they look good together!", my husband said she looks drunk. Haha! Funny but that was a nice compliment from a stranger seeing us as a good couple... ehem... despite our height difference (and I mean big difference). May she be drunk or not, that's something pleasant to a husband or wife's ears. The air was getting intolerably cold and the car's too far away. The amusement park was closing, no more wild screams from all those people riding for the thrill. It was more calm and peaceful now that the sun's about to retire. We drove home with smile on our faces and a felling of content for a fun-filled "one fine day".

Do you always plan for your trips or you tend to be spontaneous at times? Which one turns out to be more enjoyable for you? Do you also wait for the sunset once you go to the beach?
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44 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    4 starfishes. :D Nice classic car indeed. Certified flying ship? I have never waited for the sunset...unless..if I'm staying on islands. :D

  2. Ayie Says:

    Hi Tekkaus, didn't sleep yet or up too early?

    I think it's 5, looks like there's another one under that orange but there under water. hehehe, the kite ship's cute and as we looked at it first we thought it won't really fly. It did but not that high.

    Why only on islands?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the flying ship! You have some great shots in this post. Is there one of a flying pirate? ;)

  4. Ayie Says:

    Good morning Mei! You're very early today!

    I'm happy you like the ship, thanks for the compliments! Didn't spot a flying pirate, maybe he fell off the ship! hehe

  5. betchai Says:

    i agree with you Ayie, I think there are 5 star fish since looks like there is a purple one below the orange that is deep in the water.

    you really have a very fine day. love your shots and the food makes me hungry :) i am about to say that i have a similar shot again like that bird perched on a lampost with kind of a halo from the sun. not too close, for mine was a sunrise, but similar :) maybe that's what happen when we both are in california, just north and south :)

  6. Carver Says:

    Great shots. Looks like a wonderful place to go for a get a way.

  7. levian Says:

    that shot with the sun glaring at your camera was awesome!
    i love the effect very much,
    with everything shinning back at you! :D

  8. Hi,

    Sunset is indeed a beautiful scenery. Two of your photos catches my attention. The first one is the unique looking car. I wonder what brand is that car. Secondly, The ship kite is indeed very attractive. Nice photos you have there. Among many blogs I read, I always choose to read blogs with photos, because they illustrate your points or emotion better.

    And about going for a trip, usually I don't plan because planning seems to fail me. Hahahah

  9. Hello Ayie!
    The light-diffused and certified flying ship pictures are really stunning!
    Great post and many thanks for sharing!

  10. ladyviral Says:

    Hi Ayie!

    Wow, I love the shots! Especially the sunset one and the one of the sun! Looks so gorgeous. And the clam chowder looks good! I wonder if I can have it ^_^. I daren't risk my allergy again lol.

  11. fufu Says:

    the flying ship caught my eyes!!
    anyway yeah i always plan my trip...even a day trip =p erm...yeah i will wait till the sunset as i love sunset...and it is always completely different with what you have been seeing before... worth to wait for the sunset :)

  12. lina Says:

    Hi AYie!

    Wow! A flying ship and a colorful one too. That was a nice shot. :)

  13. JIF Hub Says:

    I'm with Willie, hahaha... planning (more than 50% of the time) backfires for me.

  14. Ayie Says:

    Betchai...you see 5 star fishes too? Yey! hehe

    Let me know again if you post the similar looking shot, I'm happy with sunset no sunrise for me... too early and cold! =)

    The foods were delicious but fisherman's wharf's clam chowder still tastes better than that one. Speaking of food, teach me how to make siopao =)

  15. Ayie Says:

    Carver, thanks! It's a nice place to unwind, you get to explore nature and some other thrills.

  16. Ayie Says:

    Levian, I love that shot too. My hubs just gets annoyed sometimes coz I stop in the middle of walking all of a sudden without telling him (and I'm far behind already) just to shoot something I see. +)

  17. Ayie Says:

    Willie, so you're better off just going for the ride? Just like my bestfriend and hubby. That doesn't work that well for me.

    I didn't get the car's name/model...too shy to check it, lots of people around. With the kite, we were lucky to see that on our way back by the shore. I hurriedly snapped photos before it flew too far from us. =) We got lucky =)

    I prefer photoblogs too, I relate better seeing visuals. Anyway, thanks!

  18. Ayie Says:

    Hi Leia! I'm with you, love those shots too. Thanks dear!

  19. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral...poor girl, allergy with clams?

    Thanks for the compliments...love those too! =)

  20. Ayie Says:

    Fufu, nice kite right? We're the same...a planner. It's very rare I go to unplanned trips and if it happens, I'm just a tag along. =)

    I agree, sunset is worth waiting for. It gives me a very calm and warm feeling as I watch sunset.

  21. Ayie Says:

    Lina, thanks! So happy when I saw that kite too, didn't waste anyy time and started clicking. =)

  22. Ayie Says:

    Jifdc, sometimes you have to be more organized and plan your activities. Being spontaneous is ok, not all the time.

  23. [SK] Says:

    i was examining that photo from left to right, from bottom to top, really cannot figure out those are starfish until you said so.. haha!!

  24. levian Says:

    i share that exact experience!
    those closer to me soon gotten used to my disappearance.
    maybe we should be the one leading the way in that case. :p

  25. sounds like you enjoyed the thrills and spills at the place. the flying ship looks unique, i love it.

  26. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Nice pics, ganda. Oh my, the food makes me drool. So romantic huh..you and your Hubby strolling by the beach. I prefer planned trips than unplanned ones..haha...

  27. Ayie Says:

    Sk, you're not kidding? That's the best shot I could take since it was really far, thanks to the zoom! haha

    are you now convinced it's a starfish?

  28. Ayie Says:

    Levian, I think any photo enthusiast will stop at rate when he/she sees something interesting =)

  29. Ayie Says:

    Hi Ramblings, I guess most of us love the ship! I hope I can see more of those next time we go there. =)

    We very much enjoyed the day, it served as our mini "first date" here. hehe!

  30. Ayie Says:

    Sexy Mummy, why are you still up? Shouldn't you be resting to recover from your fever? Haha, I guess blogging can't stop you. =) Just take it easy ok?

    Oh...the food, we loved it! Hihi, it was romantic in a way just like dating. =P

    Same here, I prefer planned trips...any unplanned trip falls under his concern. =D

  31. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, sorry, I do not know how to make siopao, that is why I still crave for it :) Yes, i will let you know when I post that picture similar to yours.

  32. Ayie Says:

    Sorry Betchai, hmmm maybe typo error coz you said "thankfully I know how to make ukoy, and siopao" that's why I thought you make siopao =( I already researched how to make siopao...i just feel lazy to do that. hehe!

    Yey, let me know so i can rush and see your photos! =) Thanks!

  33. fufu Says:

    i dont plan everything in details but at least i would have the rough sketch first..then i will fill up the colour when i enjoy my trip =p

  34. Ayie Says:

    I only plan in details when it's an international trip so no time wasted. If it's just a regular trip, I too can spare the details. =) But not the planning =P

  35. levian Says:

    haha, that's true.
    animals, especially, are quite difficult to keep still.
    i guess that was what make living creatures so interesting to capture? :)

  36. Ayie Says:

    Good morning Levian!

    True, I've been playing catch with the blue bird here nesting by the courtyard trees. It's always there infront of our balcony hall and up to now I haven't taken a shot that really satisfies me. I snapped a good one the other day from the apple tree. It's becomeing a challenge....my husband is already laughing at me ranting about the bird! haha

  37. Superman Says:

    The flying ship is awesome! Nice pictures at the beach!

  38. Ayie Says:

    Hi Superman, wow...that ship is everybody's favorite here. Thanks for the compliments!

  39. levian Says:

    frustrating but it is so cool to know that
    you are having fun with it. :D
    you are a true enthusiast, keep it up!
    i am sure you can come up with a better shot in the coming tries. ;)

  40. Ayie Says:

    levian, that's a nice encouragement. I got several more shots yesterday! =) It's a nice looking bluebird =) Thanks sweetie!

  41. levian Says:

    can't wait for you to share it with us!
    birds move way too fast,
    very difficult especially when one isn't using the professional camera.
    i myself, never did successfully capture a photograph of bird before. :p

  42. Ayie Says:

    It might take long before i get to share it Levian coz i have so much photos in line for my postings =) i hope you can be patient with that

  43. levian Says:

    sure thing!
    i will be enjoying myself reading the rest of your posting
    while still waiting for it.
    having something to anticipate for. ;)

  44. Ayie Says:

    so sweet, thanks levian =)

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