This series took quite a while to finish... it was really hard for me to choose among hundreds of photos to post. I'm finally on the last part, sorry guys if this is getting a bit boring already for you. The photos below were taken from the museum display which consist of experimental planes and models.


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45 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    With these awesome photos, we are not getting bored any time soon. It must be a headache for you huh! Have to choose from hundreds of it. :D

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! I'm your FC again for this post ayie! :D

  3. betchai Says:

    hi ayie, like tekkaus, with the awesome photos in this post, how can it be boring? this is very lively, i love all the images you selected.

    i agree with you, most of the time, what is taking me too long to write a post is to choose which pictures to share from the hundreds :(

    hope you had a good weekend.

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    I wish I could have a look at the transcripts in the first photo. It looks pretty old o. Is that the 1st plane on display in the first picture? ;)

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    The last photo is also amazing. It shows there are a plethora of..whatever it is to be chosen huh! I mean the blade. but aren't these supposed to be made in metal? Beats me. Anyway good morning Ayie!

  6. Ayie Says:

    good morning tekkaus!!

  7. Ayie Says:

    hahha, it's easier to be fc here than in mon's or mariuca's!

    It was really tough! I didn't want to make another slide/video anymore that's why i tried to compress all shots to end this series. =)

    Thanks fro your early morning visit!

  8. Ayie Says:

    Betchai, shutterbugs like us will always have that problem...i guess =)

    Oh thanks guys for the compliments! I even omitted some photos thinking everybody might be bored already for this long series. It's very nice to know that you like my final post.

    Our weekend was too hectic, that's why I haven't been in touch with you...trying to start clearing my time but work's all piled up =( How about you?

  9. Ayie Says:

    Tekkaus, that's the first plane...I can email you the photos if you wish to see the scripts. just give me your email add =)

  10. Ayie Says:

    That blade thing or propellers...yeah I was amazed too! That's why it didn't escape my lenses =)

  11. Ayie Says:

    Betchai...was the boogie boarding this past weekend?

  12. an extremely interesting series of photos. aircraft enthusiasts will be impressed with these flying machines as well as the behind the scene stories.

  13. have a wonderful week Ayie. Happy Tuesday!

  14. i'm so glad that you showed us all these pics today. i enjoyed them.

  15. I really love the planes, I'm sure my son would love them too.

  16. lina Says:

    Yeah, those photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing them with us Ayie.

    And no, we are not bored of them. :D

  17. Have a lovely week ahead, Ayie!

  18. Merryn Says:

    Ethan and Daddy would have enjoy this if they were given the opportunity to be there. Nice pics there Ayie and thanx for sharing this. My hubs love it! :)

  19. ladyviral Says:

    looks very nice! I love the picture that hoswed all the different planes. Thank you for a great review and experience :)

  20. wow fabulous planes and so many beautiful details!
    Congratulations dear friend for so wonderful post!
    God bless you

  21. levian Says:

    the photographs are so colorful!
    you must have been troubled to pick these out from the clicking frenzy. :)

  22. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Hi Ayie ganda, Nice new layout dear. :) Ooh..not bored at all with the pics, ganda. It's an eye opener for me. Don't think I have the chance to see all these awesome stuff here in Msia..hehe.

  23. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, i'm sure you enjoyed the show so much that you get hundreds of photo shot.. and i know i know, the pain of handpicking the best to post onto the blog.. haha

  24. Do they sell miniature planes as souvenirs?

  25. Ayie Says:

    Hi everybody!! Thanks for all the comments! Very much appreciated! I've been out and about so only now I can attend to the blogs =)

  26. Ayie Says:

    Ramblings, thanks so much for your kind words... glad that you enjoyed the whole series. I also enjoyed it as much as you did. =)

    happy wednesday!!

  27. Ayie Says:

    Willie, how I wish you were there to enjoy the planes and all the exhibit there.

  28. Ayie Says:

    ECL, thanks so much... feel free to share the blog post to your son. =)

  29. JIF Hub Says:

    @EastCoastLife: They actually do sell miniature airplanes at the souvenir shop! One day, I plan on building a few :)

  30. Ayie Says:

    Lina, I'm so relieved to know the series didn't bore you. You're very much welcome and thank you so much for appreciating everything. I badly wanted to share the whole air show&museum experience, I'm just so happy everybody liked it.

  31. Ayie Says:

    ECL, ooops I missed to write all these...

    Yes they sell miniature planes and remote control model planes. We wanted to buy but our apt unit doesn't have a display area...perhaps when we get our house here then we can have all those miniature collections! Aside from the individual stalls and booths selling those miniatures, they also have their shop inside with a lot more stuffs not just planes. =)

    a lovely weekend to you too!

  32. Ayie Says:

    Merryn, wow you shared the pics with hubs? Thanks so much and you're welcome too =)

    I bet Ethan will enjoy there, they have some interactive flight simulation that he might enjoy trying also the hot air balloon (first part). It's my pleasure to share our joy there too =)

  33. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, it was a very very special experience for us too =) hubs been there before but this time we're together...that makes it extra special! Just like Merryn said to me one time...it's all about sharing here =)

  34. Ayie Says:

    Leia, thanks dear! I know you are on vacation but still never fails to visit here =) thank you so much! You enjoy the rest of your vacation! When will you be back to brazil?

  35. Ayie Says:

    Levian, i love the colors too. Sorry I took out the orange plane, I was thinking it's too much colors and was really afraid that all of you are quite bored already with my long series. =(

    It was very hard choosing that's why I came up with a compressed photos of the miniatures. Thanks =)

  36. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy, hi! still in Singapore? Thanks for your compliments...i love the new layout too =) The whole experience there in the air show and museum was really a lot of fun and learning too. It was also my first time seeing all those planes, we had some air museum back there in the Phils but not as big as this one. =)

  37. Ayie Says:

    SK, it's very hard to choose right? It was a different experience for me and seeing all those beautiful planes and all other things there... I don't think even you can resist snapping away! lol

    Thanks! did you enjoy the series too?

  38. Ayie Says:

    jifdc, a big collection will be great!!!

  39. levian Says:

    nah, we are more than pleased to share you experience during the show. :)
    it is more troublesome for you to have separate them into parts though,
    us, we just do the reading. hehe.

  40. Ayie Says:

    Levian, I hate very long post so I came up dividing it into parts. Some people don't enjoy scrolling way too long too. I'm just happy everybody liked the post.

  41. Pete Says:

    Love these model planes....used to have quite a number of small model planes when I was young!

  42. Ayie Says:

    Hi Pete...wow so fast! I have few dishes here too =)

    nice to see you here amd glad you like it! thanks!

  43. SandyCarlson Says:

    I want to be there. Like a giant, dreamy playground for the imagination!

  44. Ayie Says:

    Hi Sandy!

    It was indeed like a giant playground. They had some rides you can try...the real planes and hot air balloon =)

    thanks for the visit!

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