I'd like to thank everybody who greeted me on my day most especially Monica who had a special dedication on her MM post. It's my first time celebrating my special day without my family but all your warm greetings made it extra special. Some friends greeted me thru overseas call, emails and friendster. Speaking of which, I'd like to share my bestfriend's blog greeting for me. We managed to chat for a while in YM, thanks to modern tech now I can easily be in touch with them.

On Missing Bes... You know it amazes me that you've heard it all but you still don't mind hearing it again. That you'll let me talk and talk and talk till I find my way through a new perspective. It's pretty cool how you always seem to know when I need a hug and when I need a kick in the butt... and you're not afraid to give either one. Few people in my life are able to see my good side and tolerate my quirks the way you do.. So, to my Bes who's heard it all, hear this... I love and appreciate you. I'm glad you're You with me. And I hope you won't mind hearing all that again and again and again...

Miss you Bes! Happy Birthday! I love you... always.
...this is my bestfriend's birthday present for me...

I mentioned earlier about my family, they also had something special for me aside from their call. Mom sent me a package and I got it yesterday. Check this out: the soups (had to blur the brand) are my personal request from mom and she also gave me some accessories and photos, the whole family and a friend gave cards and last but not the least my bro gave me an iphone. He must really be missing me so much! hehe

I explored my new phone lastnight and I just ended up playing that cute game. Aside from that one apps got my attention, the piano melody maker. That reminded me of my childhood days when i used to play the piano. Now maybe it's time for me to explore the possibilities again though i know it's not the same as having a real keyboard. I still can play piano somehow and I can always go check out Piano Chords. They have step-by-step piano video tutorials that can help you improvise on your piano skills. Mine definitely rusted and I can't even read piano chords so much anymore since I only had piano lessons when I was a kid. Who knows, I might be able to do it again, to play once again a whole good piece. I got a bit excited so I checked out some music sheets and piano chords that i can refer to. Sometimes my excitement leads me to a lot more trouble! hahahaha! Free music sheets are available for grabs too.

I have no plans on enrolling or taking up piano lessons anymore so this online tutorial might be the answer to my rusting skill. Good thing I still know the basic but that's all. Knowing new techniques and methods might make things easier for me. The best part...signing up is free. I get to have free piano lessons online! I'll try to familiarize myself first with the tutorails and see from there.

With gift or no gift, I am happy how I celebrated my birthday. I just cooked a feast for me and hubs and his family (they gave me a tanktop and card) here and we just relaxed at home. But there's one more very special gift we received...maybe I'll get to share it with everybody later on. Thanks again and enjoy your week ahead!
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36 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    can't wait to see what the "very special gift" is about! :D
    a very belated birthday wish to you, ayie.
    wishing you all the best in the world! :)
    the iphone is very alluring. hehe.
    you are loved, by your family, n by us as well. ;)

  2. ladyviral Says:

    Oh I missed it... I didn't know it is your birthday~ Happy Belated Birthday, Ayie. I hope you had a great one and of course many happy more days to come too!

    Looks like you enjoyed your pressies.. I bet when I moved away, my family won't even remember my birthday anymore haha.

  3. Superman Says:

    Your brother is so nice to give you an Iphone! Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! Awesome. Well...happy belated Birthday Ayie! I'm so happy for you. Yep, technology has really bridged our gap between continents. :)

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    War...your family loves you so much. They gave you so many presents. Can share? LOL :P Wow! Your bro have you an iPhone? Seriously? Lucky you Ayie. I've been longing for an iPhone for quite awhile. :p

  6. Tekkaus Says:

    Anyway you enjoy your day ya Ayie! And enjoy your new phone! Woot! Woot! take care. ;)

  7. betchai Says:

    wow, a lot of crab and corn soup ayie, :) is that your favorite?

  8. those are awesome gifts especially the Iphone. you have such a thoughtful family Ayie and i'm happy for you. i bet you love all those pressies, right?

  9. foongpc Says:

    Wow! Got an iPhone for your birthday? So lucky you!

  10. foongpc Says:

    You know how to play the piano? Oh, you should play a song for us to hear! : )

  11. foongpc Says:

    What's that extra special gift you received? Do share with us! : )

  12. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ayie!! Wow...your bro must be really missing you huh. You have a great family. I enjoy watching the slideshow. Great job :) What's this special gift? Are you pregnant..hehe?

  13. A special gift? It seems wonderful! I'm curious now!
    God bless you !You are very kind and special and deserve all happiness in this world!
    Be always happy!

  14. Bengbeng Says:

    oh dear oh dear. i am late. Happy belated birthday

  15. Ayie Says:

    Hi guys and girls, sorry I missed to reply to your greetings! Thank you for being here, it's also like celebrating with me =)

  16. Ayie Says:


    thanks so much! Blogging has been part of my life most esp since I came here. I'm so happy to receive all your dear greetings and well wishes! As for the special gift...just wait and see =)

  17. Ayie Says:


    Thanks! Yep I was surprised to get this much presents =) hahaha don't say that, they will looks for you once you're out.

  18. Ayie Says:


    He's very giving to me =) he gave me money to buy a new cp also 5yrs ago. Thanks!

  19. Ayie Says:


    Thanks for the greeting and wishes! Remember your apple/mac post? I told you I won't buy but would appreciate if given...hehehe i think it's meant to be that way =P Maybe wifey will get you an iphone too. Come on over and I'll share you my presents =) most esp the soups

  20. Ayie Says:


    I love crab and corn soup, yes one of my faves. =)

  21. Monica Says:

    Hi Ayie I'm here! awww many thanks for the special mention ;)

  22. Ayie Says:


    I love all the presents most especially the thoughts together with it. I don't mind getting cards alone, what matters is that they really miss and care for me. Hehe of course I'm also happy with the iphone =P Thanks!!

  23. Ayie Says:


    I was also surprised with the iphone

    I don't play as good as you! ha maybe give me piano lessons?

    The special gift will be revealed soon =)

  24. Monica Says:

    WOW iPhone! what a great gift to receive! :) I'm glad God has blessed you with many different gifts, in many different ways *HUGS*

  25. Ayie Says:

    Mummy sexy,

    The slideshow is my bestfriend's gift to me. She documented our long time friendship. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    Kuya (older bro) misses me a lot. We always hang out together and I take care of his elisse almost 24/7! Hahaha that's why I'm so dear to him =P

    The special, just wait for it but if you were to join guessing contests...you're very likely to win! =P hehe

    Thanks so much!

  26. Monica Says:

    Enjoy yr weekend Ayie! :*

  27. Ayie Says:


    Thanks you very much! So kind as always! Just wait for the special gift in the next posts =)

  28. Ayie Says:


    No worries, I truly appreciate your greeting. Thank you so much! Btw, I'm glad your boy is finally well.

  29. Ayie Says:


    Thanks for coming over! Of course you're a special mention...you really made my day when I saw your dedication. I felt so loved =)

    Many many thanks to you! mwuah!

    enjoy your weekend too!

  30. Monica Says:

    Yay glad to know this made your day!! I love ya ;)

  31. Ayie Says:

    @>--^--^-- here's a little rose for you Mon for everything!

  32. Mariuca Says:

    Hi Ayie! I loooooove ur friend's birthday pressie for you, that is so sweet! Happy birthday again to u sweetie, it sounds like a wonderful celebration and what a nice bro u have, love the new phone! ;)

  33. Ayie Says:


    I was so happy with the slide and message she made so I decided to put it here to share to everybody! This way we get to be close despite our distance

    bro misses me so much that's why =P

    thanks sweetie, your birthday's next!!

  34. Jackie Says:

    I feel just terrible!! Oh I missed your birthday!! I am so so sorry I missed your birthday!!

    But, my mother always told me better late than never so I hope that is true in this case!!

    Happy Birthday to you!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    Happy Birthhhhdayyyy Dearrr Ayieeeee!!!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!

    My connection is just too too slow to let me watch the video.

    I hope you had the best birthday ever!!


  35. Ayie Says:


    Thanks so much sweetie...no you didn't really miss my birthday! Remember that music monday monica made a dedication...that's me...I'm the same ayie she was talking about. And you left me a greeting there =)

    It was a very nice bday despite being far from home. Btw, you're from oklahoma right? My hubs has aunt and cuz there in choctaw?

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