Do you believe in the saying "health is wealth"? Before I don't put too much attention on those matters but not anymore. Since my dad had a near death situation last year I started getting more health conscious. That was a realization for all of us that we can't just stake on our health. Last January 2008 dad had bypass surgery and it was something very painful as he quoted. It was supposed to be just a regular check-up to check if he has to undergo Angioplasty, just check it out here to more about it. Everybody went to the hospital happy like a family outing but at the end of the day something big was announced. Dad's chest has to be opened! The doctors said his condition can be critical and just one heart attack... that's it. Sudden news, sudden decisions. After checking out all the options our parents came down to a decision, to do the operation. I'm just so glad dad made it. Thanks to the experienced doctors and all the prayers, our family surpassed the storm. That time I also resigned from work part of it to prepare for my migration and to attend to dad in the hospital. It's almost 2hrs drive or commute from our place and not all the time I bring the car so I even commute going there... everyday for a whole month. No, it wasn't easy but my dad's there and I want to be there. I know that will be my last year with my family. Wanna see his souvenir form the operation? Check this out!

...my light and healthy green salad with oranges...

...toasted sesame bagel cuts with guacamole dip...

Sorry guys I got carried away with the write-up... guess I just miss my family. I'm sharing this post to everybody most especially for the fast foods junkies. We were told by dad's surgeon to avoid fatty, greasy, salty foods and preservatives. It's okay to pig out once in a while but it's best to keep everything in moderation and as much as possible balanced. I hope this can serve as an inspiration for everybody to eat right, be healthy and happy =)

Have a great weekend to all!!!

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40 Responses
  1. Carver Says:

    I know how hard it is to deal with a heart condition (my dad had various heart porblems for most of his adult life). I hope your father had a full recovery. The foods in your photographs look delicious. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Ayie Says:


    Thanks so much, he's fully recovered already. He's back to work and doing all other things like before. That was real a hard time for us, waiting hours for the operation and to know if he's ok. As for the foods, non-dieters or meat lovers won't find it delicious. *lol*

    happy weekend!

  3. zakkalife Says:

    I never thought of cutting up a bagel for an appetizer before, very clever. Everything looks good.

  4. Ayie Says:

    kawaii crafter,

    It was a sudden idea when I had the guacamole prepared and didn't have any crackers to match with it. The only thin I had was the last piece of that bagel so I thought of cutting it up and toasting each slice =) it turned out really good.

    thanks for coming over! happy weekend!

  5. betchai Says:

    hi ayie, i could not open any sites earlier at all.

    love all your food choices there, light and healthy but tastes yummy!

    thanks for the reminder Ayie, am glad your dad made the operation Ayie and came out strong. thanks so much for the reminder.

  6. Ayie Says:


    Hello! Been having problems earlier too, always not directing me to the blogs. I emailed you this morning, did you receive it?

    Hubs was so full the day before that coz I served him a steak so balancing it out I just made him a salad for lunch. That's his packed lunch but the guacamole bagel was our dinner =) + soup. =)

    You're welcome and you don't need to worry... you are healthier eater than us =) and you are more active always out and about.

    Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow we're off to Santa Cruz Beach =) Yipee!

  7. lina Says:

    you must be close to your family. Lucky you. :)

    Glad to know that the operation was successful.

    Me & my family are trying to eat healthy too nowadays.

  8. lina Says:

    Happy Weekend Ayie and everyone!

    Just finished with cleaning our house. I was sweating buckets (doing household chores is a way to keep healthy for me. It is a mini workout!) :D

  9. Ayie Says:


    Hi...good afternoon? hehehe

    Yup I spent my 27yrs with my family and only now I've been this far. Well I'm married now, that's how it is =) Thank you, dad's good and kicking! Eating healthy is good most esp for raimie.

    Wow, I'm so envious you sweat that much! hehe temp here has been below 20degC so no sweat! Take it easy mommy ok =)

    Enjoy your weekend too! We'll be hitting up the beach tomorrow...hope it gets sunny hot or else we'll freeze! *lol*

  10. Tekkaus Says:

    To me...without health, any wealth will mean nothing. And I'd rather forgo wealth for health. I experienced it too. My late mum didn't make it. It makes me realised how important health is. =(

  11. Tekkaus Says:

    War....the foods you prepared all looked very healthy..but is it tasty? Ha ;P Anyway you have a great weekend too k.

  12. my FIL had a three-way heart bypass surgery many years ago. He's convinced that regular exercise and a healthy diet are the reasons that he's still alive. Your father already takes good care of himself and he'll learn to manage his health too.

  13. btw, the food looks yummy. time for supper.:)

  14. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, enjoy Santa Cruz beach!! have fun!!

  15. ladyviral Says:

    Glad your father have recovered and healthy now. the food shots looks yummy, making me hungry hahaha... How to diet this way? :P.

    But for even a normal person, it is healthy to lessen intake on fatty, salty food and etc. Afterall, those aren't healthy for anyone. ;)

  16. levian Says:

    am very glad that father is all well now.
    lucky for the rest of us, we get to learn the lesson a little earlier than the rest. :)
    i am So Totally attracted with the salad! :p

  17. Bengbeng Says:

    thank god he is fully recovered. sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to control our excesses... especially when it comes to diet.. i am one of those who loves eating... this is a great reminder. thanks

  18. Ayie Says:


    Sure it's tasty! I hate bland foods...grew up with a family of cooks (everybody cooks and has their own specialties). That salad has avocado, onion, orange, salt & pepper, cheese. lettuce and ham strips =)

    The guacamole on the other hand has a rich taste. I had such craving that day so I made the guacamole extra special =)

  19. Ayie Says:

    Tekkaus, cheer up now...don't be sad for your mom. She wouldn't like seeing you feeling that way =) Just take this as a reminder...to keep a healthy lifestyle =)

  20. Ayie Says:

    Lina, happy monday to you! How was your weekend?

  21. Ayie Says:


    Oh, my dad had quadruple bypass. It's true that exercise and diet is a key to a good health and of course good state of mind too. Dad is doing good and sometimes he gets carried away with a feast but only on occasions =) Can't blame him... It's fun to eat!

    Try the salad, you can also top it with guacamole as dressing =)

    Btw, how was your weekend?

  22. Ayie Says:


    It was fun!!! Had some rides too but I didn't get to photo snap too much this time. It was full packed there when we came, took us an hour just to get a parking =(

  23. Ayie Says:


    how about your weekend?

  24. Ayie Says:


    Want to diet? Live with us here for a while! hehehe it's hard but I just keep thinking it's healthy. I love tasty foods and meats but I don't want to abuse my health. Foods here have too much preservatives.

  25. Ayie Says:


    Too bad you can't get the salad from the screen =P Yes, he's all good now..thanks =)

  26. Ayie Says:


    You're welcome....just something to share with everybody. I'm also a junkie eater so this serves as a reminder for me not to forget about keeping myself healthy. Good thing I can suppress the craving.

    How's benghui now?

  27. foongpc Says:

    I always believe that health is wealth. Because with good health, nothing you do or have means anything. How are you going to enjoy anything at all whether it is money, good food, travel, good companionships if you are too sick?

    So yes, it's wise of you to make health a priority in life. It's really my No.1 priority in life - to have good health!

    Eating well balanced and nutritious meals are important. Btw, those salad and those bagel with guacamole dip looks so appetizing! Yummy! makes me hungry!! : )

  28. foongpc Says:

    Oops! I mean without good healthm nothing you do or have means anything. Typed too fast. Hehe

  29. foongpc Says:

    Good excuse for me to add in a few more comments and spam your blog. Hehe

  30. foongpc Says:

    Look! I typed wrongly again! Without good health, nothing you do or have means anything. I hope I get it right this time! : )

  31. ladyviral Says:


    Live with you all for a while? I fear I will end up influecing you to eat more! hahaha :P.. that or I might have withdrawal symptoms! I am a huge meat lover!

  32. maricar Says:

    hello Ayie! Maricar here ;)

    thanks again for leaving comments in my site ;) hope you'll have time to come again ;) wow! guacamole is hubby's specialty, he loves to cook ;) we always have guacamole when we grill and it's best with baguette, thanks for this one Ayie ;)

  33. Ayie Says:

    Hahaha Foong!

    Don't worry, I get what you mean. I also believe what you said. You always encourage health stuffs in your blog so i knew you'll be so interested with this post. I can see you really miss the blog world. Welcome back foong pc! we missed you around too!

  34. Ayie Says:


    I really love to eat meats too so it's a bit of a sacrifice for me and hubs sticking to healthier options. Any of those 2 things you said might happen! ahahaha

  35. Ayie Says:


    Hi! Good to have you here. I will visit you again soon. Just busy catching up with some stuffs =)

    I agree that guacamole is good with baguette and it can go with any other dishes. i use it for tacos and burritos too =)

  36. levian Says:

    there wouldn't be any left if i can! XD
    i am more of a meat person myself, but a dish of salad every now n then could be very refreshing. :)

  37. Ayie Says:


    same here...i love meats but salad from time to time is ok

  38. levian Says:

    i cannot look at the photographs again!
    it is 11am n i am counting down to my lunch. :p

  39. [SK] Says:

    oh my, ayie, i gotta say this looks absolutely delicious.. i am drooling now~~ :D

  40. Ayie Says:


    this will be good for you sk! go on and make one now =)

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