One Sunday after attending mass hubs & I with his mom and sis went to visit his aunt. We purposely brought along mama and li'l sis to see auntie. It's been more than 10yrs the last time they saw each other after hubs' family migrated to Philippines for a while. Now that everybody's back here, so much visiting here and there takes a big toll on our time. It's ok, it's nice to be out from time to time just to have a little break from working. I guess it was a lucky day for me and hubs too. Auntie talked to me saying she's been wanting to see me fro some kind of business opportunity. Her friend has a shop selling almost all sorts of accessories for dogs, carrying bags, dresses, coats, warmers, leashes and etc. Her friend needs more exposure and them not being internet savvy, Aunt thought of asking us to do the work. Why not? All we need to do is to put up an online store and make the magic work =) We know it's not as easy as it sounds, marketing efforts still play a big role with the success of the store but we're wiling to work things out. Maybe now you get what "The Dog Shoppe" is all about. It's still under construction and hopefully we can launch it soon. Being out and running whole weekends made us lose so much time working on our computer and internet matters.

Do you like dogs or any other pets? Everybody has their own preference when it comes to pets, even with just dogs alone so many breeds and all are cute in their own ways. Talking about dogs, what do you think of these dog products? Kinky? Fun? Cute?

Aside from this store, many other online stores offer such products and services for pets. Buying online isn't bad at all, in fact it's way convenient than hopping from shop to shop. One online shopping site I recently came across has a big selection in their directory (of course we need to work on researches about pet products). You know what is this cool site I'm talking about? Any guess? Ok, no more guessing... it's ShopWiki. Nope this isn't an online store but a shopping engine which caters numerous retailers who provide the products. Don't mistake it to be related with wikipedia, they simply use the same "Wiki" technology.

So how does this Shopwiki works since it's not considered as a store but a shopping engine? I was confused also at first thinking it's an online store with bunch of products like accessories, collectibles, electronics, foods & beverages, pets and all. Their system simply scans the internet for the best deals according to the searches. It filters the products from online store sites to give you just what you need. Am i making it any clearer or I'm confusing you more? Hahaha, well the best way to know what I'm talking about is to check it out yourself. This site is ideal to those who love to browse for products and most especially shop online! I tried it myself and i was even surprised to see certain items I don't get to see when I visit some shops around.

I hope thru Shopwiki our dog shoppe products will find its way to success. I would love to expand not only here in US but in other countries like France, United Kingdom or Australia. Of course thinking of this vast expansion, it won't be all about dog products and accessories alone. I have other craft items up for grabs too. I'm getting too excited about this so i better end this post now before I even think of world expansion! Too much wishful thinking? I'd rather feel and think positive for this opportunity because we all know it's not easy putting up any business. Who knows what internet can do for us.
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40 Responses
  1. betchai Says:

    oh, these are wonderful pictures Ayie, definitely, they are not only cute, but VERY CUTE!!!! Soooooo cute!!

    wish you well in your business venture Ayie.

  2. Ayie Says:

    betchai...glad you are here...this is it...what do you think? hahaha always nervous for the first time! I emailed you back just a while ago asking something I'm so confused about. I'm just so happy to see you here right away =) thanks!!!!

  3. betchai Says:

    hi Ayie, did you get my email? yes, you publish it first so that you can get the post url. i believe you did right.

  4. betchai Says:

    i mean i replied to your last email already :)

    love your post. definitely, i'll explore shopwiki

  5. Ayie Says:

    After the comment I headed to my email and got it...thanks so much. Salamat ng madami!!!!

  6. Ayie Says:

    I don't want to keep you anymore, you said you're sleepy and tired from boogie boarding. Better rest it out for tonight! I didn't realize it's already late, got too occupied here. Goodnight! later!

    tnx tnx =)

  7. betchai Says:

    no problem ayie, have a good night too :)

    see you around....

  8. I know many westerners are keen on dogs but not Malaysians like us. We don't spend so much on dogs. Well call that our culture. Heheh

  9. levian Says:

    shopwiki has such a huge directory!
    online shopping is very interesting n inviting in this era,
    i myself, enjoy online shopping quite a lot as well. :p
    but on dogs or pets, i agree with Willie, we don't spent so much on them,
    but maybe it was because of the lack of choices? :)

  10. Very nice all these things...I hope many dogs love them...



  11. Cute stuffs!
    And perfect pictures!

  12. Tekkaus Says:

    Did some catch up with your Aunty huh! And Aunty has something in store for you-a business opportunity. Ha :D

  13. Tekkaus Says:

    Hmm...you are selling pets' products? The niche is quite targeted and I believe with proper SEO you could be making some real serious $$$! :p Anyway all the best to you Ayie. Can't wait to see your shop!

  14. Ice Says:

    Wow! How cute are those accessories. I used to keep a cat when I was in my teens. My cat never had such cute stuff.

  15. Bengbeng Says:

    Please pray for my Benghui

  16. lina Says:

    All of them arre so CUTE Ayie!

  17. Ayie Says:

    americans really pamper their pooches so much, no doubt about that. Here you can walk past lots of pet clinics and hospitals =) Not so much in Asian culture but there are certain groups in the Phils who treat their pooches like the westerners.

  18. Ayie Says:

    SO you also use Shopwiki? It's not really part of our culture in Asia but here it's different. You'll see people walking their dogs regularly and pets even stay inside with the family. Just like a family. Our Aunt who asked us for the concept has 6 dogs. 4 tiny pooches and 2 big doggies =)

  19. Ayie Says:

    So sweet of you! I was also impressed when i saw all the stuffs. There's a lot more items but I just chose a few to show. I can't believe dogs can be such a fashionista too. Cheers!

  20. Ayie Says:

    Do you dress up Luna too? The stuffs are cute and I hope cats do have their fair share as well. Needed to do minor cropping and editing for the photos to make it more presentable =) Thanks so much! God Bless!

  21. Ayie Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes! We're also hoping this can be a success. We don't own the products, we're just helping with the sales. Aunt needs a boost with the use of online selling for her friend so she just thought of us. Just waiting for our model dogs to wear the clothes on to make it more interesting for the buyers. So far we only have photos of the products. Will update you guys once we launch the shoppe. Thanks!!

  22. Ayie Says:

    I always see dogs here dressed up but not cats...hmm maybe they claw their owners not to be clothed! *lol* No dogs for you? I did have a small one which I dressed up just for fun.

    Pls check out the earlier post...lady bug, I'm just thinking you might like it. Be my critic, I need to improve with my photography =) hehe I'll truly appreciate that. Thanks!

  23. Ayie Says:

    He's sick again? Sorry to hear that...don't worry he'll be fine. Cheer up =) Will pray for him.

    You missed to check my WW post, it's there =)

  24. Ayie Says:

    No pets or you have? I love that froggy backpack leash holder. You'll never imagine it's for a dog. =)

  25. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Hi Ayie ganda, I love dogs!!!! But I don't fancy all these accessories hehehe.. (no offence ya)

  26. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,
    Hi! No worries...I don't fancy these stuffs much too. Just helping out aunt's friend =) but I do love dogs, the big dogs =)

  27. Pete Says:

    looks like shopping stuff for my baby....he he he! LOL
    They are nice!

  28. lina Says:

    No dogs for us. That's for sure.

    We have a pet "turtle" that was to be Raimie and Zaini's pet but I ended up taking care and loving "turtle" more than they do. :D

  29. ladyviral Says:

    Very adorable doggy items! If I have a toy dog, I might just buy those! Sadly, I am usually a big dog lover hehehe.. but that doesn't stop me from loving those items still! So cute!

  30. Congrats on your new online business!
    Those are lovely stuff. A pity I don't have a dog.

  31. Ayie Says:

    Yeah just like shopping for a baby except it's a furry one =) Some people are really crazy with dressing up their doggies =) Thanks for coming!

  32. Ayie Says:

    We had turtle too but just a small soft shell turtle =) I miss our pets back home...we have dogs, cats, fishes and birds...call it a mini zoo =P

  33. Ayie Says:

    So cute right? I also prefer big dogs but I admit these cute little stuffs are quite irresistible =P I'll count you in for the sales! hahaha...

  34. Ayie Says:

    Thanks so much though the online business is still under construction, hopefully we'll make it up and running soon. No pets for you too?

  35. i don't have pets at the moment, but if i do, i'd be constantly hugging them.

    have a fabulous weekend Ayie.

  36. levian Says:

    wow so many dogs for one family! that is even more than the total amount of humans in ours. XD
    i would very much love to own one big doggy, probably at my future home? :p

  37. Ayie Says:

    maybe you should consider having a pet soon...so your kids can also share the hugs =)

    i had a nice weekend, hope yours was pleasant too =) happy monday!!

  38. Ayie Says:

    she has many dogs and she loves them just like her babies =)

  39. levian Says:

    aw, that is so sweet!
    they practiced that in the western, just as we saw it in the television.
    the bonding is seriously tight. :D

  40. Ayie Says:

    Levian, yup she calls them baby then she refers to herself as mommy =)

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